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Q: Which part of the sentence is underlined Reese and Ted were on the same team.?
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What is 45.16 rounded to the underlined place if its 1?

If 45.16 is rounded to the underlined place if it's 1, the number remains the same.

Which sentence means nearly the same as the underlined words in this passageIt is time for me to kill Mark Antony.It is time for the war to stop.It is time for me to win this victory.It is time for me to die?

It is time for me to die.

What is the significance of showing an underlined character on a button?

In some software programs, showing an underlined character is an indicator of the keyboard shortcut that will accomplish the same thing. It isn't the same in all programs, of course.

Is a predicate the same thing as a subject?

No. The part of a sentence after the subject is the predicate'Boys were absent yesterday. The part of the sentence following the subject, written in bold, is the predicate.

What five letter name has the third letter and fifth letter the same?


Can you use biotic and abiotic in the same sentence?

Yes for example " Biotic and Abiotic are part of ecology

Are book names underlined?

You only underline a title of a book if it is part of the essay and not the title of the essay. Understand?

Are book titles underlined when written?

Television shows and song titles are usually in quotes. Movies, plays and books are usually underlined; although movies can sometimes be italized. - Lalyn.

Should song titles be underlined or italicized?

Underlining and italicizing are the same thing. Song titles should be quoted.

What should you right for your topic sentence on the secound amendment?

When two complete sentences are in one complete paragraph; does that mean each sentence is a SEPARATE topic? Or is each separate sentence part of the SAME topic?

Does punctuation go inside or outside parenthesis?

Depends! (If the sentence starts and ends inside the brackets the punctuation does too.) If the sentence is part in (and part out) the punctuation goes outside the brackets. It is the same with quotation marks (look in a newspaper and you'll see what I mean).

Does an Active Sentence have a two part verb?

It can have a two part verb but it doesn't have to.In an active sentence we can see who or what does the action of the verb:The cat chased the mouse. -- cat is the subject, chased is the verb and mouse is the object. The cat does the action, chase.In this next sentence we don't know who or what does the action:The mouse was chased. -- was chased is the verb.This sentence is a passive sentence.Here is an active sentence with a two part verb:I picked up my son from is the same sentence in passive tense:My son was picked late yesterday.