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hi! we can get much taste in thw sweet bud.

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What part of the tongue is sensitive to salty taste?

Tongue maps reveal that the tip of the tongue is the part that is the most sensitive to salty taste. However, recent research argues that tongue maps are not valid and that an individual's taste buds experience taste the same.

Which part of tongue is sensitive to sour taste?

The sides of your tongue are the places that sense a sour taste.

Which part of the tongue that has no taste bud?

underneath and inside the tongue

How do you use your mouth to taste?

You do not use your mouth to taste. You use your tongue to taste. there are these things called taste buds that are on your tongue that allow you to taste food. The tip of your tongue tastes sweet things. The middle part tastes sour things, and the back part tastes bitter things.

Which part of the human tongue recongnises bitter taste?

the back portion of Buku's tongue..........

Which part of your tongue can taste sweetness?

There is no specific part of the tongue dedicated to any particular taste (sweet, sour, bitter, etc). There are various tastebuds tuned to the specific tastes, however these are scattered randomly across the tongue.

What does the tongue do in the nervous system?

The tongue has a taste receptor which signals the taste to the brain (part of CNS, or the central nervous system) and your brain interpret what the taste is like, and you taste whether its bitter or sour or sweet.

What structures on the human tongue allow humans to detect certain chemicals as taste?

i know for sure that each part of the human tongue can taste different things.. like the tip tastes Sweet sides taste sour, and the back taste bitterness. .(parts of the tongue)

What is your tongue used for?

Your tongue is used to aid in digestion. It also contains tastebuds that are responsible for part of our sense of taste.

Where is your bitter taste bud located?

The area of the tongue that controls the taste and sensation of bitterness is located primarily in the back of the tongue, close to the uvula and going back towards the throat. The area of the tongue that controls the taste of sourness is located in the lateral-back of the tongue. The area that controls the sensation of saltiness is located on the lateral front of the tongue, and the part of the tongue that controls the sensation of sweetness is on the tip of the tongue.

What is an umami?

umami is part of bitter it is another taste bud that is on the back of your tongue

Where else besides your tongue can taste buds be found?

Besides the tongue, taste buds can be found on soft palate, a few on tonsillar pillars, on epiglottis and on proximal part of oesophagus.

What is a cluster pink lumps on the back of the tongue?

The cluster of pink lumps you have on the back of your tongue are supposed to be there. These are part of your taste buds.

What part of the tongue would you taste sour?

Across the whole. The 'tongue map' said it belonged in a specific area but it was a mistranslation.

Which part of tongue recognizes sweet or bitter taste?

tip senses sweet . bitter is sensed by posterior back of the tongue

When you eat sweet foods why do you get a bitter aftertaste?

Taste buds probably play the most important part in helping you enjoy the many flavors of food. Your taste buds can recognize four basic kinds of tastes: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. The salty/sweet taste buds are located near the front of your tongue; the sour taste buds line the sides of your tongue; and the bitter taste buds are found at the very back of your tongue.

Is the tongue the most sensitive part of th body?

Well ill say it is one of the most sensitive because the toungue is the one that brings out the taste and if it doesnt like the taste then it would tell you by making you feel the disgut

Why does the sour part of the candy War Heads taste like vomit?

It doesn't taste like vomit to most people. It could be the ingredients in the sour part of the candy that makes it taste like that to you.

What part of the tongue has taste buds?

The whole thing basically, see the hundreds of little dots on it, those are taste buds.

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