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What was the bleeding Kansas?

After the Kansas Nebraska act was passed people rushed to Kansas to vote for or against slavery. People came into the area and fights broke out. One person who came to stop people from voting for slavery was John Brown with his 4 sons. They went into Lawrence, Kansas and viciously murdered people. The newspapers of the called it Bleeding Kansas when they wrote about the murders.

What legal principle allows someone to sue a person for all damages if they were only partially responsible?

tort law

What is a good adverb for the word bleeding?

When there is a lot of bleeding, it is often said that the person in question is bleeding profusely. Otherwise, perhaps this person is only bleeding slightly.

Which is correct You will be a or an responsible person?

you will be A Responsible person

A sentence for bleeding?

The injury was causing bleeding to the person. This is the sentence that contains the word bleeding.

what first aid do you give to a bleeding person?

pads and bandage

What do you call a person from Kansas?

Kansans A person from Kansas is called a Kansan. Or a Jayhawk

Why was Kansas referred to as bleeding Kansas?

They were referred to as this because this one bad person(guy) decided to rape every girl there and after he had messed with them all, every single girl had some kind of deadly disease that he passed them which was bleeding out of their vagina 24/7 ,...of course they all died unfortunately,...and they guy was hanged by most of the men that had their women taken from them...the guy was named Chandler Roosevelt.

What does hemophilia look like?

Hemophilia is invisible except when the afflicted person is bleeding, then it is visible in terms of prolonged bleeding, beyond the point when a normal person would have stopped bleeding.

Who is one famous person from Kansas?

The Famous person in kansas is Thomas Hart Benton and Amellia Earhart

Can a person live while bleeding on the brain?

no a person cannot

Is the company responsible when employee is assaulted on the job?

No, the company is not responsible when a person is assaulted on the job. The person who assaulted them is responsible.

What happens when the body cannot compensate quickly enough for uncontrollable bleeding?

If someone is not there to control the bleeding (or the person, if capable), the person will die.

Can a person be partially asexual?

That's more of an idiom.

What does a platelet count of ten mean?

A platlet count of 10 is actually 10,000 platlets. Platlets are the cells responsible for clotting. This is extremely low count and the person would be at risk for bleeding.

Will sharks touch you if your not bleeding?

If a person is swimming in waters that are home to a shark, the shark may touch or be aggressive towards the person. A person does not have to be bleeding in order for the shark to touch or attack.

Are there any important people in Kansas?

pansas mansas was an important person in kansas

Who is responsible if someone rides your motorcycle and is in an accident?

the person responsible for the accident, if the person riding yours caused the accident than he/she is responsible

Do you perform CPR when a person is bleeding?

Yes you do.

Why is it hard to communicate with a person who is drunk?

Their brain is partially anesthetized.

Meaning of bleeding love?

bleeding love means that she has alot of love for that person and if you cut her open you could see all the love(blood) she has for that person

What do call a person from Kansas?


What is a person born in topeka from?


Are you responsible in Washington state if you have an event and someone else brings wine and someone has an accident and had too much alcohol in their blood?

In most states if an obviously intoxicated person continues to be served drinks and causes an automobile accident, the host/server/bartender that continued to serve drinks while knowing the person was obviously intoxicated is partially responsible and can be criminally prosecuted for the accident as well as the drunk person involved in the accident.

Can a person have periods if she has concieved?

Typically you do not have periods after conception. Early bleeding may be implantation bleeding but any bleeding when you are pregnant should be discussed with your doctor.