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Q: Which personnel accounting system will account for enlisted soldiers upon initial entry to active duty?
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Is bank account a real account in accounting?

No bank account is a Personal account in Accounting

If a company spends on training of personnel how does it account for?

In some businesses, it is an overhead cost and can be depreciated in accounting. Just like lights and building expenses, it is a business cost that must go into accounting. Check with an accountant about the different ways it can be a deductable expense.

Services rendered in accounting is what account?

revenue account

What is accounting staff?

An accounting staff is a staff made up of accountants. An accounting staff can have many duties, such as financial advisement, account maintenance, and account management.

How do you tie out an account for accounting?

tie out

What is a chart of account in accounting?

It does not exist

What is office maintenance in accounting?

What entry can we post to Office Maintenance Account in accounting

What is the basic summary device of accounting?

account or accounting equation

What accounting concept or principle provide guidance related to separate personal account with business account?

the accounting concept that separate the personal account from the business account is business separate entity concept

What is office account?

What entry can we post to Office Maintenance Account in accounting

What type of account would be personal in Accounting?

Any entity which can be represented by name of an individual or entity is known as personal account in accounting parlance.

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Drawings in accounting are recorded as a double entry in the cash book. This is a credit to the bank account and a debit to the cash account.