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Cats sweat comes out on their paws.

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There is no specific place, and kittens, or anything other life form, were not 'invented'.

No, sweat is not noun as it is not a name, place ,animal or a thing.This is the reason why sweat is not a noun.

You wouldn't. Normally a mother cat would move her kittens to another place if they are disturbed by someone or another animal, but once the kittens are weaned, they will leave that place, and the mother will mate again (unless spayed).

Camels do sweat, the evaporation takes place at skin level and not on their coat

Kittens can most commonly be found near female cats. The reasoning behind this is that kittens are nursed and nurtured primarily by the mamma Cat. Another common place to find kittens is in a local pet store.

No. The production of milk is not related to how sweat is created and excreted via sweat-glands. The udder is not even made up of sweat glands in the first place!

To reduce sweat, you may want to consider getting on medication. You can also avoid doing strenuous activities that cause you to sweat in the first place.

Somtimes, if she is looking for a hidden place to have her kittens.

at the animal shelter or a pet shop

I would say it's pretty much the same as when we sweat on our palms. That's the only place on a cat's body where there are sweat glands.

The pronouns that take the place of the plural noun 'kittens' is they as a subject and them as an object.EXAMPLEThere were just two kittens left. They were both so sweet that I couldn't choose, so I took both of them.

this is your nervous system reacting to the environment

It is not at all uncommon for a cat to hide her kittens. Frequently, she will go so far as to move them from place to place to ensure that they are not "discovered" by predators. It is important when expecting kittens to prepare a safe, calm place and acclimate the mother to her surroundings; this helps her feel safe giving birth in that environment. Resist the urge to disturb the nest, as this could lead to her moving the kittens, which puts them at greater risk for chilling and hypothermia.

Try craigslist, or asking the new reporters.

She is looking for a quiet place to have her kittens, maybe in the basement or in the bottom of a closet, make sure you have a box with a soft cloth ready, when she has found her place, she will have her kittens, and clean up after herself, DO NOT PICK UP HER NEW BORNS, if you do, she may reject them or start dragging them to a place that no one can find, she may be very hungry, so have some food and water ready for her.

The collective nouns for kittens are:a kendle of kittensa kindle of kittensan intrigue of kittensa litter of kittens (if they were born together)

The possessive of "kittens" is "kittens'."

The collective nouns for any number of kittens in a group are:a kendle of kittensa kindle of kittensan intrigue of kittensa litter of kittens (if they were born together)

Probably the best place to advertise free kittens is in your local newspaper which can offer advertising space at a usually decent low price. Otherwise your best bet would be to contact a cat charity.

Adopt a Pet's website is one online place where rescue kittens can be seen that are up for adoption in the UK. Felines for Us is also a UK site that features rescue kittens that are up for adoption.

there are many reasons for that. the kittens may feel cold and need to find a warm place and your lap is perfect for that. the kittens may need to feel your love, they may just want your hand around them while rubbing them. and etc.

A kindle of kittens is the proper word for a group of kittens

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