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Which planet has similar size to earth?


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Mars has a similar size to the Earth. There may be life on Mars.

Actually, the Earth is almost twice the size of Mars (1.88 --> 1). Venus is much closer to the size of Earth (1.05 --> 1)

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The planet similar in size to Earth is Mars.

Venus is a planet that is closest in size to Earth. It has similar bulk composition and gravity to Earth too.

Earth is a similar size to Venus (Earth is a bit bigger). Neptune and Uranus are also of a similar size.

Venus, because it is very similar size to Earth, and it is a rocky planet like Earth is.

Venus is the closest being about 95% that of the Earth.

Venus because it is similar in size.

Venus! Also known as Earth's sister planet.

Venus is often compared as Earth's "sister planet", being similar in size and internal composition.

the planet Venus is most like is Earth

It has been said to be actually Earth.

Jupiter has a core 10-30 times the mass of the entire planet of Earth. However it is likely of a similar size as planet earth.

Venus and Earth are similar in size and density. Uranus and Neptune are also of a similar size and density, but both much larger than Earth and Venus.

A planet called Kepler 186f, in the constellation Cygnus, is the same size as the Earth and it is similar to Earth in looking to. Venus is only slightly smaller than Earth and is the closest in size to it in our solar system.

VENUS. it is slightly smaller but the closest to Earths size.

Venus (the second planets out from the sun) is the nearest to the Earth in size. It is sometimes reffered to the Earths sister planet. Its just a bit smaller.

Venus is similar in size and mass to earth. Earth is 1.0522 times larger than Venus by radius, and 1.2266 times more massive.

Venus is a rocky planet similar to earth in size, gravity, and bulk composition.

The Planet Venus, since it is of a similar size and composition. It is also the planet which comes closest to earth.

Venus is often described as being Earths twin planet, since it is of similar size and composition.

No planet is exactly the size of Earth. Venus is close to Earth's size but slightly smaller.

As far as we know, Mars is the planet that is the most similar to the earth.

Venus and Earth are about the same size and density. It is thought that the Earth could turn into a planet like Venus if global warming goes out of control.

no planet has an atmosphere like ours! Sorry! Fun Fact: Venus is the same size and mass as Earth!

the number of in terms of size the earth is 4th number .

Some stars are bigger than the planet like the sun but some are small. The size varies.

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