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Which players hit two home runs in one inning in MLB?


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Carlos Baerga from both sides of the plate

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Many MLB teams have scored runs with multiple players in the same inning. Many MLB teams have also had multiple home runs by different players occur in the same inning, including teams like the Yankees, Blue Jays, and Red Sox.

51 players have hit two home runs in the same inning. Micheal Cuddyer of the Minnesota Twins was the last to accomplish this feat on 23Aug2009 vs the Royals This was part of a 8 run inning for the Twins.

As many as the players can hit. There is no limit.

Fifteen players have hit four home runs in a game. Check out the 'Four Homers in a Game' link below to see the list of players.

No one has ever hit five home runs in a game. The record, held my many players, is four home runs in one game.

Many MLB players have hit 3 home runs in a single game. My personal favorites to do it are Mike Lowell and Cody Ross, who accomplished this feat as a members of the Florida Marlins.

For his entire career, Maris hit 275 home runs; ranking him (as of the end of 2012) tied for 166th amongst MLB players.

There's only one in MLB and that was Eddie Collins who had 3315 base hits and 47 home runs.

Sixteen players have hit four home runs in a game. The last player to do it was Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers in MaY 2012.

None. 4 Home Runs yes, 4 grand slams no.

No - the record is 7, and it's been done three times.

Barry Bonds has the most home runs in the MLB.

only 3 players in mlb history to hit home runs in their 20s 30s and 40s

Iandy seminick of the phila. phillies hit 2 hr's in one inning. n the MLB, 2 im pretty sure, by Joe Dimaggio.

In MLB, that was Babe Ruth who hit 54 home runs in 1920. Prior to 1920, the MLB record for home runs in a season was 29, set by Ruth in 1919.

On May 23, 2009 Jason Giambi became the 44th player in MLB history to reach the 400 home run mark for a career. Through games played on May 24, 2009 Vladimir Guerrero has 393 career home runs and, barring disaster, will become the 45th player in MLB history to reach 400 career home runs.

Ralph had 369 career MLB home runs.

In MLB, Barry Bonds with 73 homers in one season followed by Mark McGwire with 70.

So far there`s no player (in mlb basenall) who reached that number. No record found

Barry Bonds with 762 home runs. Hank Aaron in second with 755 home runs.

In MLB, 0.The most home runs Aaron hit in a season in MLB was 47 in 1971.

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