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Which polar cap on Mars is larger and colder?

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Mars Polar Cap

The southern polar cap is larger and colder. It is composed of carbon dioxide (dry ice) while the northern is mainly water ice (which freezes at a warmer temperature, therefore the dry ice cap in the south is colder).

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On mars' which polar cap is larger and colder?

The Northern polar cap is larger and colder.

What is the White Rock on Mars?

rock on mars Maybe a polar cap?

Does Mars have ice coulds?

No - Mars has a polar ice cap but no ice clouds

What is mar's largest polar cap?

The largest ice cap on mars is the Northern Ice Cap.

On Mars which is its largest and coldest polar cap?


Where do scientist think water on Mars is?

in the polar ice cap, located north of mars

Where in Mars is the best place to land on?

Near the polar ice cap.

What is that big round spot on mars?

its a frozen polar ice cap

What is special about Mars?

mars has a north and south polar cap kinda like earth and people believed that water used to be on mars.

Does Mars have water?

Mars has a polar ice cap much like our Earth has ice caps. It also has clouds in the atmosphere.

What have the Mars rovers found on Mars?

The Mars Rover called the Phoenix Lander found ice on the polar ice cap on Mars. There have not been any other discoveries on Mars but Mars Rovers are still searching...........

Whats with Mars and the water on it?

mars north polar cap is sposed to have water on it geographical features simalar to ones on earth leading to further proof that Mars has or had water on it

What are the ice caps on Mars made of?

Mars has two polar ice caps. The northern ice cap is mainly composed of frozen H2O. The southern ice cap is mainly composed of frozen CO2.

What exactly is a polar ice cap?

A polar ice cap is a high latitude part of a planet which is covered in ice. There are polar ice caps on other planets not just on earth. There is some known to be on Mars too. Polar ice caps form because of the lack of sunlight which gets to them. They are in the North and South pole.

What is a polar ice cap?

A polar ice cap is the layer of ice at the polar regions of a planet. On earth this is at the North and South poles. An ice cap does not have to be on land, so our Arctic ice cap floats on water, and our Antarctic ice cap covers the continent of Antarctica. The Greenland ice cap is not a polar ice cap.

Is the Arctic colder than Antarctica?

No.Antarctica is about 30 degrees colder than the Arctic, because Antarctica is a land mass with a polar ice cap nearly two miles thick; the Arctic is only sea water and ice.

What planet has a southern pole of carbon dioxcide?

While the Martian polar caps are mostly water ice, Mars does have a permanent southern polar cap layer of carbon dioxide about eight meters thick.

How many polar ice caps does earth have?

Two, north polar ice cap and south polar ice cap , the arctic and the antarctic

Why do astronomers hypothesize that the southern polar cap of mars has water ice under the carbon dioxide ice?

because the temperature changes over night

Does Mars have ice?

Yes, Mars has ice at both of its poles. Recently, the southern polar ice cap has been receding because of the heat of the sun or some chemical reaction that is causing the ice to evaporate and disappear.

Why is the polar bear in danger?

Melting of the Polar Ice Cap.

How cold is it on Mars' polar ice cap?

It can reach as high as 27°C and as low as -143°C. The average temperature is around -87°C.

What type of vegetation is found in a polar ice cap?

It's a polar ice cap. What do you expect? Polar-cold, and Ice Cap- ice. Those two things don't really go well with vegetation.

Is Mars ice cap reducing?


Which has more land north pole or south pole?

Two part answer. Only the South Pole has a true landmass under the ice, the North Pole does not. In size, the Southern polar cap is larger than the Northern cap.