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First Equity Mortgage is a prequalify loan allow you to apply online with very little credit or for someone who is self employeed. You can get more information at www.firstequitymortgage.net

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Can you improve your credit score by cosigning for someone who has little or no credit?

No, such activity only lowers your credit rating. It goes against your total indebtedness. Plus, if they default it can kill your credit rating and take years to remedy. Mark

What are credit purchases?

credit purchases are goods that you buy on credit and and pay little by little to pay to the person you owen.

How can you get a credit card with little or no credit?

There are a few ways you can get a credit card with little or no credit. Check the websites I've added. They should be able to explain in detail.

If someone with great credit co signs for some with bad credit does it help the person with bad credit?

The person with bad credit pays back the loan that the good credit helped him with in good payment statis. Have payment met on time or a little early will help the person with bad credit. The person with good credit is very generous with his credit. If the bad credit person does not pay on time or falters the loan. the Good credit person will have a problem . Not the bad credit person. Helping someone get back on their feet is a good thing. Make sure that your Good credit is not in jepordy.

How can your partner and you get a home loan if we both have bad credit?

You will still be able to get a loan even with bad credit. You will probably have to pay more than someone who has good credit, but you should still be able to obtain a loan. The process is a little more intense and might take a little longer, but it should still be possible.

I wish to have my own credit card Is it possible to obtain one though I don't have credit history?

Yes you can. Everyone starts off at some point without a credit history, and there are options available for people who would like to get a credit card without any history of having one. They can start to build their credit history by applying for a secured credit card or applying for a joint credit card with someone who has an established credit history. The third option available to someone who has no credit history is to find a credit card issuer catering to first-time customers and offer student credit cards or bad credit credit cards or just plain and simple credit cards that are able to be approved for with little or no credit history.

Does Malcolm X have any parents?

Malcolm Little was the son of Louise Norton Little. She was employed as a homemaker. His father, Earl Little was an outspoken Baptist minister.

Does credit inquires hurt your credit score?

It does but very little, somewhere around 2 points.

Can I get a credit card with little or no credit?

You don't necessarily need credit to get a credit card, it's bad credit that they don't want to give you a credit card. If you have a cell phone bill, or utility bill or pay rent, you should have some kind of credit.

Are there still people employed as hermits?

i don't know why there are people that are still employed as hermits but they keep their job because they can get a little something something after they are done working if you know what I'm saying.

What are bad credit reports?

Bad credit reports are those that show negative aspects of your credit history. The types of issues that cause bad credit are missed payments, too much credit, too little income, etc.

Is 807 a good credit score?

That is a very high credit score. A sign of paying all of your bills on time or early and having little credit car debt.

Will settling unpaid bills on credit report help credit score?

Yes, A little. Best not to let them show up in the first place. Remember that A little bad kills A lot of good.

Why score goes down after paying a charge off?

I know it sounds a little goofy but, your credit score is based on your credit history. Once you pay something off your credit history is completed for that particular account so your score drops a little. Having said that, I certainly don't recommend that you keep a lot of bills open just to keep your credit score high. A credit card where you maintain a small balance with most of the credit line available and paying your utilility, phone and rent or house payment on time or a little early will keep your credit score pretty healthy.

What were the names of the atomic bombs used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Little Boy was employed at Hiroshima and Fat Man at Nagasaki.

Can anyone provide credit score advice for financing a house for someone with a forclosure on their record?

People with bad credit can still buy a home,there are specific companies out there designed to suit your needs.You can improve your credit score by keeping up to date on your credit report and disputing anything that may seem a little off to you. Consolidate your debt and try to get interest rates lowered or see if your lenders will settle for a lesser amount than what you owe.

Effect of credit reference bureaus on bankruptcy laws?

Very little. Credit bureaus, really only being research libraries of information, much of which is available other places but gathered in one spot for members, really have little or no involvement with bankruptcy Actually, other than producing a proprietary service they sell called a credit score, they have very little interest in credit matters. They don't really extend any.

Is it easy to find a rental apartment?

It depends on your geographic location and credit background. Most places run a credit check, so if you have good credit, it will be much easier. If you have bad credit, it might be a little harder to find a place.

What are the a dvantages of credit unions?

if you open an account with a credit union after time you can get loans with little interest rates- that is if you have money in it and no bounced checks ect

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