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Rutherford B. Hayes - his wife's name was Lucy Webb and she earned the nickname "Lemonade Lucy" because she belived in temperance and banned all liquor at state events.

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Q: Which president had a wife with the nickname lemonade Lucy?
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Which president's wife called lemonade lucy?

President Rutherford B. Hayes called his wife Lemonade Lucy. His wife's real name was Lucy Ware Webb Hayes. She got the nickname because of her support of the temperance movement, which wanted to ban alcohol.

Whose nickname is Lemonade Lucy?

Lucy Hayes got that name because she did serve alcohol in the White House.

Whose nickname was Lemond Lacy?

Maybe you mean Lemonade Lucy? The wife of President Hayes would not allow any alcohol in the White House.

Whose wife was nicknamed Lemonade Lucy?

Lucy Hayes, wife of Rutherford, was known by this nickname because she would serve liquor in the White House.

Which presidenthad a wife named Lemonade Lucy?

Mrs. Hayes was called "Lemonade Lucy" by some because she would serve alcoholic drinks in the White House.

Who banished wine and liquor from the White House?

President Rutherford Hayes' wife, Lucy. She was nicknamed "Lemonade Lucy".

Which president's wife never served liquor in the White House?

Lucy Hayes did not serve alcoholic beverages in the White House. Some people called her "Lemonade Lucy". She was noted for her total abstinence from alcohol.

Which presidents wife was called lemonade Lucy?

Lucy Webb Hayes was the wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes. She actually had two nicknames-- she was called "Mother Lucy" because of her selfless devotion to the care of wounded soldiers during the Civil War; and "Lemonade Lucy", because she was totally opposed to alcohol and did not want it in the White House (or anywhere else). A staunch supporter of the Temperance Movement, she much preferred that people drink lemonade rather than alcoholic beverages.

Which president's wife was called lemondade Lucy?

answer it

Why was Rutherford B Hayes's wife known as Lemonade Lucy?

she banned alcohol beverages from the white house

Was Betty Ford's nickname LadyBird?

no. ladybird was the nickname of president johnsons wife- not presidents fords wife

What presidents wife refused to serve alcohol in the White House?

President Rutherford B. Hayes. His wife "Lemonade Lucy" (Real Name Lucy Ware Webb), refused to serve alcohol at the White House. Hayes was in office from March 4,1877 until March 4, 1881. During Prohibition, alcohol was not served openly at any official functions .