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Which programming language to choose for mobile application?


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Java is the most powerful language used for current mobile phone and also other languages are used like symbion . it is widely used in various cell phone manufacturer like nokia, Samsung, and LG and etc. java is Object oriented programming system.

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Depends if it is application then : Java, c# If it is system level then : c,c++

You can create games, desktop applications and mobile applications using Java programming language.

With Php Programming You can Create website , Web Portals, ERP Systems , CMS , E-Commerece Application , Web Services for mobile applications and multi language interaction.

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java is a programming language and android is a mobile phone platform developed by google.

Java is used in mobile phones and programming various programs on computers. Java is popular because it works on any platform (system), so a lot of people choose to program using Java. It is also free and has good performance.

The KML programming language includes specifications for features for viewing in Google Earth, Maps and Mobile and other geobrowser programs. The current specification for KML is 2.2.

The top skills of mobile developers include flexibility, speed and keen understanding of the user-experience. The job of the mobile developer demands you to work quickly and respond to many changes. These changes many include hardware, software updates, patches and changes in the design.

If it in terms of Job opportunities, again Java outscore every one. You can get tons of Jobs opportunity by learning Java programming language, you can develop core Java based server side application, J2EE web and enterprise applications, and can even go for Android based mobile application development.So if you are not coming from C and C++ background, and want to learn your first programming language, I will suggest to choose Java.

Yes, only sophisticated/mathetical programs will be needed, the future is moving towards mobile development.

Mobile testing : Mobile Testing encompasses mobile application testing, mobile device testing, mobile phone testing, mobile system testing.Mobile application testing : Mobile application testing is a process by which application software developed for hand held mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency. Mobile applications either come pre-installed or can be installed from mobile software distribution platforms. Mobile devices have witnessed a phenomenal growth in the past few years.

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opera mini, ebuddy are examples mobile application software

Monica - mobile application - was created on 2010-09-16.

well you should start by specializing in what programming language you want to code in. for example java and look up java tutorials on youtube and look up tutorials elsewhere. then for example java will branch off into somthing like Java Me ( java and java me are two different things) but you need to learn a certain language before learning about specific development. look into Java or C++ or another base language, then work your way into mobile device development. this will take time and patience to learn.

Currently, there is no WikiAnswers mobile application. Though WikiAnswers is planning to go mobile, a WikiAnswers app does not exist right now.No, currently, there isn't a mobile WikiAnswers application, but there are plans for there to be one in the near future.No, there isn't an Application for WikiAnswers.

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Java Mobile Edition is used to create mobile applications.

As per my own experienced cross platfrom mobile application development is one of the greatest for developing best and unique mobile apps. For more detail about the tools you can see at

The Hotmail Mobile application allows its users to access their Hotmail email from their mobile phone. This application can be downloaded free of charge.

Windows 8 application development be either of desktop application or tablets, phone applications. These devices use different hardware features,so that it involves various architecture platforms to develop applications. The Win32 application programming interface (API) were used primarily for development in C and C++, and support development for both 32- and 64-bit Windows. so now many windows 8 mobile developers are concentrating on cross-platform application development. It good to start with windows mobile application development</a> which is good these days.

Today, just about every major software development methodology is based on objects. As a result, virtually all programming languages, scripting languages and application designs are object-oriented or object-based.Main application areas of OOP are:User interface design such as windows, menu.Real-Time SystemsSimulation and ModellingObject-oriented databasesAI and Expert SystemNeural Networks and parallel programmingDecision support and office automation systems etc.Mobile Application DevelopmentGame

According to me you can not edit a application until you have its source code.

Smart Mobile is a social networking and communications application for business people that offers unlimited calling and texting worldwide.

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