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Graduated income tax.apex=)

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Q: Which programs reform was designed to provide funds for schools and federal programs?
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Which progressive reform was designed to provide funds for schools and federal programs?

Graduated income tax.apex=)

What Ivy schools provide consulting training programs?

Ivy League schools which provide consulting training programs are Harvard University and Yale University. Princeton University also provides these types of training, as does the University of Pennsylvannia.

Where can I find out information regarding nutrition in schools?

This may depend on if your child's school is on a federal lunch program. Specific nutrition for schools on such federal programs can be found here:

Where are there boarding schools that provide therapy for disabled children?

The best place to start is with your local public school. They can help give you the phone numbers to the state board of education that have educational programs designed for your son's developmental disabilities.

Are schools required to serve milk at lunch?

There are a few programs that are set up by the government to provide healthy balanced meals to children. It is not a requirement to serve milk but milk is provided in the meal programs. There is also a program for schools to enroll in to provide milk to children.

What law requires school districts to provide for students with temporary or permanent disabilities is?

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 makes it illegal for programs that receive Federal funds to discriminate against people with disabilities. This also requires schools to make classes, programs and activities accessible to all.

What act provided federal funds to help high schools provide courses in agriculture?

Smith-Hughes Act

What colleges provide programs that lead to an engineer career?

There are many colleges, from 2-year community colleges and technology institute schools, to online degree programs, to 4-year schools and post-graduate degree programs that lead to engineering careers. There are also training schools that specialize in specific engineering types. However, these are not generally accredited.

Do belford high has a federal school code?

No it does not. The reason being, Federal School Code is assigned to schools who are participating in the Title IV student aid programs. In order to receive aid from the federal government, a student needs to be a US citizen. The program also does not include students from online schools. It is kind of discriminatory but federal government has other programs where students can register for financial aid, also there are bank loans available to students of online universities. However, I believe that the fees of online schools are relatively very low and you probably wouldn't need any financial aid. Not to mention most online schools have their own student aid programs which can assist you much better than bank loans.

Where do lawyers study?

Lawyers typically study at law schools, which are postgraduate institutions that offer Juris Doctor (J.D.) programs. These programs provide the necessary legal education and training needed to become a licensed attorney.

What act provided federal funds to help fund high schools provide courses in agriculture?

Smith-Hughes Act

How do I earn a degree online?

Find International Schools and Programs is pleased to introduce our new sister site This site is specifically designed to help students like you find international schools and programs to meet their needs. Please visit to start your search for the perfect program.