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Which protocol used for routing?

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A routing protocol is a protocol that routers use to tell each other about available routes. Some of the routing protocols include RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP.

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BSP (Border Gateway Protocol) A complex routing protocol used on border and exterior routers. BGP is the routing protocol used on Internet Backbones.

No, ICMP is not a routing protocol. ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) is used by the Internet Protocol suite (IP) to send error and status messages. It is mainly used for diagnostics. Ping and traceroute are two tools that use ICMP. ICPM is used by routing protocols, for routing advertisements and router discovery.

Routing Information Protocol = RIP

BGP is always used as the routing protocol of choice between ISPs (external BGP) but also as the core routing protocol within large ISP networks (internal BGP).

Routing is of two types static and dynamic . In dynamic routing there are two protocols interior and exterior. Interior routing is inside an autonomous system and Exterior routing is between an autonomous system.RIP is short for routing information protocol. RIP is an interior protocol that is used inside an autonomous system.

RIP stands for routing information protocol. It is an intra domain routing protocol.

it is a cisco propriatary routing protocol.

Dynamically, as related to a routing protocol is a type of networking technique whereby the routing protocol creates, updates and maintains the dynamic routing table.

The availability of networks, and the metric (or "cost" or "distance") to reach them, according to the system used by the routing protocol to calculate this "metric".The availability of networks, and the metric (or "cost" or "distance") to reach them, according to the system used by the routing protocol to calculate this "metric".The availability of networks, and the metric (or "cost" or "distance") to reach them, according to the system used by the routing protocol to calculate this "metric".The availability of networks, and the metric (or "cost" or "distance") to reach them, according to the system used by the routing protocol to calculate this "metric".

BGP which stands for Border Gateway Protocol

RIPv1: Routing Information Protocol version 1. Ripv2: Routing Information Protocol version 2. EIGRP: Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol.

RIP is a protocol used by routers to exchange information about their routing tables. In dynamic routing, a router learns from other routers about possible routes by advertising what they know. RIP is a protocol that can do that.

EIGRP : Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

A routing protocol refers to a protocol that is only used between routers, such as OSPF and EIGRP. A routed protocol, meanwhile, refers to a protocol wherein data can be routed, such a IP, AppleTalk, and IPX.

A metric is a value used by a particular routing protocol to compare paths to remote networks.

A classless routing protocol can route between subnets

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a type of routing protocol known as an interior gateway protocol or an interior routing protocol. The routers in an internet are responsible for receiving and forwarding packets through the interconnected set of networks. Each router makes routing decisions based on knowledge of the topology and traffic/delay conditions of the internet. The routing protocol between routers is used to exchange topology and traffic delay information. An interior routing protocol is used within a portion of the internet called an autonomous system, which simply means a connected set of routers that are managed by a single organization. OSPF is the most commonly used interior routing protocol.

The distance vector routing protocol and link state routing protocol both are in dynamic routing protocol. The distance vector routing protocol uses no. of hops for the finding the best route while link state routing protocol uses bandwidth (cost) of the link for the finding best route . The cost will be calculated by [10(8)/bandwidth of the link] Distance vector routing has limited hop count Link state routing has unlimited hop count. The RIP ,IGRP fall under category of distance vector routing protocol. while OSPF is of link state routing protocol. Hitesh Pardeshi

People use two basic methods to classify routing protocols - by where they are used and by how they calculate routing. You can see how to choose protocols based on where you plan to use them, the way the protocol manages data, and how your router chooses which protocol to use when more than one protocol is installed

The routing protocol computers use to communicate over internet is as under :- TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). The above protocol is used by computers to communicate over internet throughout the world.

Border Gateway Protocol(BGP)Sose21 Blaq RoseOSPF

Routing Information Protocol (RIP) and Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) are two very popular Distance Vector routing protocols

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