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Q: Which protocols are used when installing Linux over a network?
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Why protocols introduced in network communications?

Protocols r used for network devices to communicate to each other. For e.g if one device on a network needs IP address, it'll use respective protocols for that. For sending data over some media, protocols are used. For setting up the speed, protocols are required. For security, protocols are there.Network is a world quite different form our human world. For what purpose we use our language, network devices use protocols for that.

How do you install Windows XP over Mandriva?

You can by installing Windows in the normal fashion, but if you do, Mandriva Linux may be erased.

How do you install Audacity on Linux?

There are over three hundred active Linux distributions, with over a dozen different methods for installing software. Without knowing what distribution you are using, it is almost impossible to provide you with suitable and concise instructions.

Can you install fedora after installing Windows7 home basic?

Yes. All linux based OS's can be installed at side or over W7.

What would be the LAST step to take when installing a network printer?

The last step would be to try to print over the network from each computer connected to the network.

Can you install Linux without a CD or usb?

Some Linux distributions have the ability to be installed over a network. However, it should be noted that this is an endeavor that is intermediate to expert in difficulty.

What are protocols for long distance communication?

There are 5 types pf protocols used in the computer network.

What if your printer is not supporting to Linux?

If the printer is not supported in Linux, you may still be able to print to it by connecting it to an Windows computer and "sharing" it over the network. Make sure you have Samba installed.

What are the standardized protocols for call control and media mapping in network multimedia communication over packet-based networks.Describe them.?

Experience says that the different companies in the line of work have their own protocols. Further those protocols are 'commercial in confidence' and therefore unavailable outside the company

What kind of LAN would you use for Linux?

You could use any kind supported by the Linux kernel, though a TCP/IP network over Ethernet or wireless would probably be best.

What is the purpose of a router over the network?

router networking/roo't*/ A device which forwards packets between networks. The forwarding decision is based on network layer information and routing tables, often constructed by routing protocols.

Specific rules that determine how specific devices connect to each other and transmit data over a network?

Those specific, standardized rules are called protocols.