Which publisher owns the rights to the comic character - 'Spiderman'?


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jonathon redgrass owns spiderman


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Spiderman is just one of the many super heroes occupying the Marvel Universe. Marvel is a well-known comic publisher who specializes in super hero comics.

Spiderwoman was first introduced in the Spiderman comic book. Later she branched off and become a more independent character with her own comic book.

There are over 100 Spiderman comic books created.

Spiderman Appears in The Amazing Spiderman, Spectacular Spiderman,Peter Parker:Spiderman NOTE Peter Parker Spiderman Is No longer in print, same with spectacle spiderman

if you mean the show, it ended a few years ago, but if you mean the comic, i dont think there is one.... theres the amazing spiderman and the web of spiderman... uncanny spiderman and ultimate spiderman but thus far i am unaware of a spectacular spiderman comic, the movie is the amazing spiderman and that comes out next summer

When was spiderman made from the comic into the film?

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Spiderman first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 which was the last issue of the series, he then got his own comic starting with Amazing Spiderman #1

Well, When comic books were released "The Sub-Mariner" was the first comic ever to be sold. But, through the years when the first Spiderman Issue was released that had the most sells ever in comic book history. So, In my opinion Spiderman has sold the most.

how much is marvel spiderman comic book worth today

No , the comic book character is most likely to be found in a comic book whereas a cartoon character will be found within a TV cartoon are as a character in a cartoon comic strip .

How much are the Spiderman Hologram's worth??? How much are the Spiderman Hologram's worth???

The comic came out in 1962. The movie came out in 2002.

The comic book character is called 'Spiderman' oder 'Spider-Man' in Germany. The literal translation would be 'Spinnenmann', but it's not actually used.

I have to get mine by subscription from the publisher (Fleetway) .

Marvel Comics publishes the comic books in which the Green Goblin appears. Created by writer Stan Lee with artist Steve Ditko, this supervillain character first appeared in the Spider Man comics. He is also one of Superman's greatest enemies.

He is the main character in Marvel Comic's Spiderman. On a class trip, Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider and that spider transforms him into the superhero known as Spiderman. Peter Parker's parents were killed when he was an infant and he went to live with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Peter Parker's Uncle Ben was killed by an intruder.

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X-Men is published by the comic book publisher Marvel

Marvel and DC are well known

There are Spiderman toys that are available based on the comic book, and they are typically found at places like Toys R Us, and other places like second hand stores, or toy stores.

superman or spiderman and they still show the movies....... be happy for that

Superman is a DC character who first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938 (Wikipedia)There was a DC/Marvel crossover in the 1970s Superman vs the Amazing Spiderman (Wikia)

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