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Volleyball is the sport with the highest net.

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no sport is really played over a net. if you think about it, ....... think of all the sports and look at a picture of them. none of them really have nets underneath them.

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Badminton, I would think.

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Basketball- 10 feet.

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Q: Which raquet sport has the highest net?
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Why tennis is the most popular raquet and ball sports?

It is the only raquet and ball sport that is known to many people across the world, and the only ball and raquet sport aired on popular TV.

What raquet sport is a famous 3 eventing competition?

Anything you can do to beat somebody with it.

Its a raquet sport like tennis is very popular in china?

china is cool

What is the highest price for a tennis racket?

well from what i have seen its about 260 dollars for a Boris Becker raquet

Are there any sports beginning with the letter X?

Xare is a raquet sport - On an indirect note, X is a strike in bowling.

What are the violations of badminton?

I know a few like: you can't touch the net with yr raquet and yr racquet must nver past over d net

Why is the tennis for a human?

because humans have arms and legs, and tennis is a SPORT where you have to run (legs) and hit the ball HOLDING a raquet (arms!) haha

Which sport uses a net a racket and a shuttlecock?

Badminton is a racquet sport that uses a net and a shuttlecock.

How do you wire a badminton raquet?

You can't if you need to rewire it then you have to by a new badminton raquet.

With which pieces of sporting equipment does one play badminton?

Minimally, a shuttlecock, two players, two badminton racquets, some space, and a freestanding net dividing the space. Use the Link to learn about equipment specifications, rules, and laws that govern the sport of Badminton.

How did racquetball get its name?

You hit a Ball With a Raquet so they just called it raquet ball...

What is the sport with then highest particiption sport?