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to record label of Gustavo


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Sony first, then Epic Records Hope it helps :)

Syco Simon Cowells record label

As of May 2012, Jessica Sanchez has not yet signed with a record label.

Pink is signed to LaFace Records and Arista Record.

Il Divo is signed to the record label known as Syco Entertainment. This record label is co-owned by Sony Music Entertainment as well as Simon Cowell.

Jessica Simpson singer from Wichita ,KS signed a major record label

They are signed to Atlantic Records.

Adele is signed to the XL Recordings label.

They are signed to Ludacris' label, Disturbing Tha Peace

The Game has his own record label called Rolex Records. And so far the artists signed to the label are Game himself and a rapper named Compton Menace.

All Things Fresh is his own record label but he's signed to Young Money

Beyoncé is currently signed to Columbia Records

they are signed to WarnerBros.

Selena Gomez is currently signed to Hollywood Records (a label owned by Disney).

Common used to be signed to Kaye West's GOOD Music label but is now signed with Warner Bros. Records.

Lil Wayne signed Drake. anyone in young money was signed by Lil Wayne. that is his record label.

They were previously signed to Badboy Records. Now signed to Atlantic Records

Nirvana was signed with Sub Pop originally. Later on, they signed with DGC

He is signed to DJ Khaled's label We the Best Music Group and Def Jam Recordings.

Rihanna signed to Roc Nation and Def Jam.

Pitbull is signed to J Records.

The rapper Problem has his own record label called Diamond Lane Music Group.

they're signed with warner but his label is Loveway Records

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