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There is no way of knowing this.All records of the US model 1873 springfield rifle/carbine will not have what regiment was issued which rifle by serial number.

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Q: Which regiment used springfield mod 1873 serial?
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How old is a Springfield 12 ga by Stevens Arms without a serial number?

The Springfield name was used by Stevens from 1920 until 1948.

What is the age of this model 1898 US Springfield Armory serial number 108137?

our serial number indicates that your Springfield model Krag rifle was made in the year 1898.

What war was a us springfield 1884 serial number 475635 used in?

rifle made 1890 and used during the Indian wars................

What year was a springfield hammerless double barrell serial number T62200?

Not enough information to answer, however, Springfield is a brand used by Savage Arms. Contact their Customer Service Dept.

Which springfield is used in The Simpsons?

America Springfield

What year was springfield armory model 1911 serial?

1911 model pistols , by all manufactures, used serial numbers to date the manufacture date of their pistols. therefore, to obtain the date of any 1911 pistol you have to furnish a serial number.

Springfield Armory Model 1903 Serial 1519738 that you would like to find out history for?

made 1938 and probably used during the beginning of WW2

Where can you find serial numbers of Springfield rifles used at the battle of the big horn?

it think you will find the long gun of the calvary at the little big horn were carbines, not rifles...

When did springfield armory start selling to the public?

Located in Springfield Mass. the Springfield Arsenal was in operation from 1795 - 1968. After the arsenal closed in 1968, the name, Springfield was used as a commercial venture. The name Springfield was Public Domain, and cashed in on it. Several companies have used the name and trademarked variations of "Springfield".

What is used value on Springfield M1A1?

Need to know the model and serial range for a real answer. Also, Springfield Armory made some early Bush length rifles and called them "M1A-A1." There are no "M1A1" M14 clones. I think you just mean M1A. Depending on what you've got, the used value could be quite a range.

Was the springfield 1973 used in the civil war?

If "1973" is the date the rifle was produced it couldn't have been used in the civil war because the civil war was in the 1860's.I think you mean "1873" the Trapdoor was used in the Indian wars and the Spanish American War. During WW1 it was used for training and Stateside guard duty.

Why did Illinois get its capital springfield?

Illinois got its capital because before springfield there used to be another capital kaskaskia, it got its name from a river but then the river dried up so they used another river called Springfield.

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