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the middle west region has alot of cities with french names

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What are spanish cities in Nevada?

Caliente and Mesquite are two cities in Nevada with Spanish names.

Why do cities in California have Spanish names?

Because it was settled by the Spanish.

What are the major US cities with spanish names?

There are hundreds of cities and towns in the US with Spanish Names. The major US cities with Spanish names are Los Angeles, San Antonio, San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco. Other large US cities with Spanish names are El Paso, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Tucson, and Sacramento.

Florida cities with Spanish names?

About twenty percent of the population speaks Spanish. Some cities in Florida that have Spanish words in their names are: Bonita Springs, Cinco Bayou, Esto, Largo.

Spanish cities names of eight letters which end with an a?


What are the names of three spanish cities on the mediterranian sea?


Why is it that many cities and towns in the Sothwestern part of the US have spanish names?

The area was settled by the Spanish and used to be part of Mexico. Most of the Spanish-language names are the names they were given at the time of settlement.

What were some of the influences that Spanish culture had on Texas?

Names of Cities and food

Are nationalities capitalized in spanish?

No. The names of countries and cities are, but not the words derived from them.

Why do so many southwest cities in the us have spanish names?

because the southwest used to be spanish territory.

What are the names of three spanish cities on the mediterranean sea?

Malaga, Valencia, and Barcelona are Spain's largest Mediterranean cities.

Where can you find clues about the colonial history of a region?

In the names of towns and cities In the languages spoken

What spanish cities are in US?

All the cities that have spanish names Los Ángeles (the angels), Santa Mónica, San Francisco, Colorado (ruddy), Nevada (snowed), San Diego...

How many Spanish named US cities and towns are there in America?

There are hundreds of cities in the US named by the Spanish or based on Spanish words/names. Any city with a name that starts with the word San or Santa are named after the Spanish name for saints.

What are the Pokemon city names?

Depends on what game you are playing or what region you are in. Just search the region name (e.g. Kanto) and see the towns and cities there.

What is the name Joan in spanish?

Since Joan is a proper noun, it does not translate to Spanish. All proper nouns, such as names and cities, do not translate.

What are some US cities that have spanish names?

1. San Diego 2. Los Angeles

How many cities in Texas have Spanish names?

I think there's like a million. cause i think that

What are colorado cities that have spanish names?

One of the most famous ones is Pueblo, which means "town."

What are the major cities of the south region?

what is the major cities of the south region

9 cities of region 1 of the Philippines?

what are the cities of region 1

What are five Colorado cities that have Spanish names?

Pueblo Durango Conejos El Jebel La Junta

What are five Texas cities that have Spanish names?

Alvarado, Brazoria, Carrizo, Del Rio, El Paso.

What are the names of the cities in California?

What are the names of the cities of california?

Meaning of san prefix to names of cities?

San means Saint in Spanish, as in Saint Francis (San Francisco).

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