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Sufi is a word associated with the Muslim religion. It is defined by its adherents as the inner mystical dimension of Islam. It acts as a science through which one can only know how to travel into the presence of the divine.

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Sufis are adherents of Sufism, a mystical system of Islam, which is different to the more commonly known branches of Sunnism and Shi'ism.

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Q: Which religion is associated with Sufis?
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This is a false dichotomy. There are Sunnis who are Sufis and there are Sufis who are Sunnis. There are Sunnis who are not Sufis and there are Sufis who are not Sunnis. Being a Sunni means to follow the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his blessed sunnah. Being a Sufi means to be even more strict in following this sunnah in an effort to rectify yourself spiritually. Many people claiming to be Sufis are in fact, NOT Sufis if they deviate from the sunnah. Many popular scholars from the past and present have been Sufis. Ibn Taymiyyah, Imam Ghazali, etc. have all been Sufis and Sunnis.

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