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Since there are a vast variety of religions, they all most likely command that you love whichever god(s) a particular religion may serve.

The Bible does however command that you must love God and even goes a step further by instructing how to do so by your actions. 1 John 5:3 states:

"For this is what the love of God means, that we observe his commandments; and yet his commandments are not burdensome..."

The Bible also gives insight into what God's commands are and how to follow them so that we may truly show God that we love him.

So a religion that is based on observing God's commandments outlined in his inspired word (the Bible) would be the religion that truly loves God.

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Q: Which religions command worshippers to love God?
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Why dont certain religions eat pork?

It is per God command

Do other religions try to earn god's love?

yes other religions believe in and receive gods love such as greek orthadox

Are we are commanded by God to love?

Most religions would attest this, yes.

What is the name of a person who worships God?

somebody who worships god is a devotee but one god worshippers are Monotheists.

How many religions do believe in god?

All religions believe in whatever god they believe in. All religions have a god or a diety.

Why is Judaism an ethical religion?

Judaism and Christianity are from God. Those two religions help people to know to love God, love one another, share God's word, and behave well.

God and Worshippers in the Buddhism religion?

There is no god(s) in Buddhism. As a consequence there are no worshippers. Buddhists frequently turn their attention to the example of Buddha as an inspiration, but as he is only a man there is no anticipation of divine intervention or blessing.

Worshippers of one god?

Christians worship one God. We worship the only God. Monotheists.

How are teaching of religions similar?

because every religions teach humanity & love god,animal,poor people etc.

What common goal do all religion share?

All religions teach us to believe in God, all religions teach us to love one another, to be kind and compassionate, all religions ask us to live a moral life. There may be different interpretations, and religions and followers of religions may do different things but the commonality between all religions is for us to love God, to seek God, and achieve God. Unfortunately, religions are only a kindergarten, they teach us the ABC of God, then we go round and round in a merry-go-round and we die without going beyond the kindergarten of religion. We don't need to change our religion, but we need to go beyond religion to the university of spirituality which will help us to realize God in the temple of our heart.

Why is it sinful in Islam religion for unmarried women and men to have sexual relationships?

It is Allah (God in English) command in all God religions not to practice fornication. Sex without marriage is sinful in all God religions. Islam teachings is that intercourse sex is not just for pleasure but for have kindness and love between wife and husband anf for raising up good Muslim children (per God will). Sex without marriage is considered in Islam big sin.

Who is the god of Sikhs?

The God of the Sikhs is the God of all Religions and of all Mankind. He is a mighty God, and no one is greater then he is. God is all wise and all powerful. He is merciful and full of love. That is the God of the Sikhs.

What religions believe in Pro-Love?

According to the scriptures in the Word of God all Christians are to be prolife.

What does a priest do that makes them a priest?

A priest, in general terms, is needed to explain God's word to the worshippers and to talk to God for the worshippers, as in the rite of 'Confession'. The theory is that the worshippers are too ignorant, uneducated, unwilling, and unholy to obtain God's word, including His bible passages, without the intervention of a priest. Of course, the priest gets power, control over the worshippers' lives, and access to worldly things. (through the ages, I mean)

Does God love his children even if they're gay?

It depends one what you believe about God, but the description of God given by most religions is that God created everyone and loves and accepts everyone for who they are.

How do we declare war on the enemy in the eyes of god?

God never allows to turn anyone into an enemy.All religions teach to love everyone without any selfishness.Love is God and God is love.

What are the core values that are taught under the banner of moral education all over the world in main religions?

Love God, Love your neighbor as yourself,Faith, hope and love

What do you call the religions that don't believe in God?

AnswerThere is no one single term for the religions that do not believe in God. Since the religions that do worship God are sometimes collectively referred to as Abrahamic religions, perhaps the best term, sometimes used, is "non-Abrahamic religions".

What if you break a promise to god?

It depends on which god you believe in. However there is no evidence that anything will happen to you directed by a god. Your fellow worshippers may shun and ostracize you.

What religions believe in God?

All religions believe in a god. However if you are speaking of the Christian God, then the answer is the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic people believe in God.

What is divine command?

divine command is command given by God

In all religions is God the same God?


Is god the same god of all religions?


How did Christianity impact other religions?

A reminder to love God and to love people, as well as good influence of ethics when people actually follow the teachings of Christianity.

Who is God's friend. God's best friend?

God has many friends. All those who love him are his friends. In the bible, in the book of John 14:14, Jesus, the son of God, tells us that "You are my friends if you do what I command you." If we have a relationship with Jesus of Nazereth, then we hear his voice and follow his command from the love of our heart to him and his way. Please check out:

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