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Coal power stations use many different resources as a steam kettle, electrity and turbines.

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Q: Which resources do coal power stations use?
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Advantages of gas fired power stations?

they are cleaner and use less fossil fuels that coal fires power stations.

What kind of steam engines are used in power stations?

Coal fired steam driven power stations are still in use

Why are power stations often built right next to coal mines?

Because a lot of power stations use coal for fuel. By building power stations nearby costs on transport can be cut and cheaper energy can be produced.

What resources do coal fired power stations use?

The most significant resource that a coal fired power station uses is of course coal. Coal is a non renewable natural resource and mining of coal has significant negative effects. In many cases coal is mined in sensitive grassland and wetland habitats - causing significant water pollution. Power stations also rely on large amounts of freshwater in the cooling towers as part of the power production process.

Why thermal power stations located in India?

the thermal power stations are not only located in India, they are located in the part of the world where there are coal reserves, India has large coal reserve located in various parts of M.P,C.G,JHARKHAND & KOLKATA,this is the reason behind the location of thermal power stations in India,as these stations use coal for the generation of electricity

Why do you use more coal than wood in power stations?

coal burns cleaner than woodBurning coal was easier because coal burned longer than wood

Do you buy power from coal mines?

The coal mines dig up the coal from under the earth. The coal is then sold to whoever wants it. Some industries use coal for power. Coal-fired power stations are a huge buyer of coal. They burn the coal to heat water and use the steam to turn turbines which produce electricity. This electricity is then passed on to Energy Companies who sell the power to us.

In the UK power stations use coal oil gas and nuclear?

Coal, natural gas, and nuclear mostly, very little oil now. Also some wind power.

What resources does coal use?

Coal is a natural resource.

Can you use salt water in coal powered electricity stations?

Yes - some power stations located on the coast use sea water to cool the condensers. Examples of this include:Gladstone Power Station in Queensland, AustraliaKoeberg Nuclear Power Station in South Africa

How the UK make electricity?

The majority of he UK's electricity is generated by coal or gas-fired power stations. We also use nuclear power, wind and wave generators.

How do you fix acid rain?

There isn't much you can do. Only use an umbrella. Power stations try to reduce pollution. Many coal-burning power stations use flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) to remove sulfur-containing gases from their stack gases. For a typical coal-fired power station, FGD will remove 95 percent or more of the SO2 in the flue gases.

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