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Yes - some power stations located on the coast use sea water to cool the condensers. Examples of this include:

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Q: Can you use salt water in coal powered electricity stations?
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Why is coal so important to the countries in South Africa?

South Africa IS a country. South Africa uses coal powered electricity stations so our electricity comes from coal

How do coal power stations and wind farms generate electricity?

Coal power stations burn coal to heat water to produce steam, which is then used to spin electricity turbines to generate electricity. The burning coal releases carbon dioxide.Wind farms have blades which turn in the wind to spin electricity turbines to generate electricity. There are no harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

What gives us electricity?

Power stations, which can either be coal, gas, nuclear powered. Green power such as wind, wave and solar power can also be harnessed to generate electricity.

Why were Nuclear Power Stations made?

Nuclear power plants were made in the hope of providing a more efficient source of electricity than is obtained from coal powered plants.

Does power station use natural gas to generate electricity?

Yes. There are many power stations that use natural gas to heat water to steam and then turn turbines to generate electricity. These are considered more environmentally friendly than oil or coal powered plants.

Where is coal used and what for today?

The vast majority of coal is used to generate electricity in power stations.

Coal is used as fuel to produce what?

in power stations to produce electricity,,,

What is 5 ways electricity is made?

Coal fired plantNatural gas fired plantHydroelectric water powered plantWind PoweredSolar Energy

Where in the US is coal used?

Coal is used all over the US in power stations to generate electricity.

Why are there so many coal burning power stations in UK?

To generate electricity.

How is coal used for fuel?

It's used in power stations to produce electricity.

What is a coal fired power plant?

An electricity generation station that is powered by burning the fossil fuel called "coal".

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