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Energy can be obtained from various sources: renewable (solar energy) and nonrenewable (coal and natural gas). These sources are needed to produce electricity. Electricity, water, and telephone services are provided to the public by utility services companies.

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What is load shedding and why is it carried out?

When the supplying company receives more demand for electrical power than its generating or transmission or installed capacity can deliver, the company has to resort to rationing of the available electricity to its customers. This act is called load shedding. Load shedding can also be referred to as Demand Side Management or Load Management <><><> Demand Controller devices are used to shed loads when a pre-set Kw reading has been reached. These devices are tied in to circuits supplying electric heat, stoves, dryers, hot tubs--anything...
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What is sheeding?

Sheeding is a derivative of the word shed (to discard). Example.. liquid slurping over the edge of a receptacle is ...sheeding Origins from Black Country. ...
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What is the amount of calcium in 250ml of milk?

Skimmed - 322.5mg Semi Skimmed - 310mg Whole - 305mg So skimmed milk is better for you, more calcium and less fat! ...
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What are different types of Federal mandates?

Im asking the same thing
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Can a badger water meter read too high?

Yes. Buy a water meter and get it verified as to precision, then verify against the Badger reading. If you get another meter, try to get one that measures in the same format, for example: gallons - cubic feet - cubic meters etc or get a good conversion table. ONE CUBIC METER = 264.11458 gallons. ...
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Why does Singapore use fuel power stations to generate electricity?

singapore uses fuel power because of the fact that suffer from tsunamis ,and neuclear power stations would be under to much presusre and explode leaving singapore with more devastaition than what the tsunami would of left no offense, you obviously have not researched. Yes, that is the reason why MOST countries use fuels. That is correct. It is also probably your country's reason. However, Singapore DOES NOT HAVE ANY NATURAL DISASTERS WHATSOEVER. Therefore to say the damage caused by the tsunami would be...
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Why did you apply for the job in job interview?

"I applied for this job since it matches my skills and abilities, my previous experience and positions I filled successfully. I feel that this position will enable me to demonstrate my abilties and skills and make a contribution in an area I have studied in and see my future career in." ...
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What is rat hole mining?

Mining done by family members or community which is not under government is called rat hole mining in India. This is mainly done by tribals of north-east India. This is named so because they dig holes similar to that of rat holes to mine. ...
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What is Washington's major industries?

that is really easy! Washington's major industries are fishing,Boeing, lumber, and i do know Boeing is a world leader, Washington's buisest years are were the 1900's Bill Gates, the Worlds ritchest man lives in Washington and created Microsoft that's a world leader, if you have a neopets account catch me! im angalinawebkins!...
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Who owns citgo oil?

CITGO gasoline stations and refineries became owned by the Venezuelan national oil company when it was nationalized by dictator Hugo Chavez's communist government. Chavez is an avowed HATER of the United States, and every penny spent on CITGO gasoline goes to help Chavez promote that hatred of our country. DO NOT BUY CITGO GASOLINE - EVER! ...
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What are the advantages of three phase to single phase electric power distribution systems?

This Answer is the same as the for the Question 'Why is power for a country's mains grid usually generated as 3-phase electricity not single phase?' Single phase power has a sine wave voltage that crosses zero before reversing its polarity. In the region near the zero-crossing there is not much power. At zero there is none at all. So single phase loads often need some trickery to deliver output in this area. Often it is just the inertia of the motor...
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How much energy can a nuclear plant produce?

Most Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs) built to date were around 1100 MWe (megawatts energy) output, but larger ones are now planned, up to 1600 MWe or more. <><><> Nuclear power plants produce various amounts of energy relative primarily to the size of the reactor. For the generation of power, there is some minimum size that the plant will be to be able to be operated at a profit, or at least at some acceptable level of cost effectiveness. That minimum will vary, too,...
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What are the major industries in Mississippi?

There are five major industries in Mississippi: Services, including casinos, manufacturing, including meat packing, agriculture, mining, and fishing, particularly for shrimp. Mississippi's major industries and products are Farming (with cotton, soybeans , corn, and rice), Oil, textiles, fishing, and electronic equipment. Agriculture- beef cattle, chickens cotton, milk, soybeans Manufacturing- chemicals, clothing, electrical equipment, food products, machinery, paper products, transportation equipment, wood product this has came to me to be in Mississippi Agriculture is the major industry in Mississippi. Cotton, soybeans and rice are the major agriculture products....
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How can you tell if the electric service is 120V or 240V?

I think the only sure way is to put a high-impedance volt meter and measure the voltage across live and neutral. Don't forget that it's AC. You could look at the bulbs in the lighting to see if the say 120v or 240v. ...
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What are the operating costs of a swimming pool in Southern California?

These can vary greatly depending on your location, pool, pump, filter, heater sizes and ratings. Do you have a concept as to how much use it will get? The cost of gas, electricity, chemical costs -- do you want pool service -- do it yourself -- Knowing some of the above will give you a start as to how long you need to run the equipment, how much chemicals to use and if you have automatic or semiautomatic devices. In other...
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Can you write me an essay on load shedding in Karachi?

Asking someone else to do your homework for you? Nice try but it would be much better for you to do some research yourself so that you could write your own essay. You could start by reading the answers to the Related Questions shown below. ...
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How is electricity distributed to your home?

The electricity from power plants travels for many miles. It travels over long wires called transmission lines. These transmission lines are held in the sky away from the ground by giant wood or metal transmission towers. Another way it is transmitted is through underground cables which can go under rivers, lakes and even seas. When the electricity gets near to your town, it goes into a substation. A substation often has many wires and metal containers in it and is surrounded by a...
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Why was the creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority controversial?

Power companies felt that it was unfair competition for the government to provide cheaper energy through the Tennessee Valley Authority. ...
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Which is a Pure play company in oil industry?

Frontier Oil Co, Continental Resources, ExxonMobil and Plains All American can all be considered to fall within the "Oil Industry" but to be a little more helpful, one should decide on which component of the oil industry to focus on i.e refiners, drilling/exploration/production, pipeline/transportation/marketing, or fully integrated oil companies. The above examples would fall into these more specific classes of oil companies as follows: Pure Play Refiner: Frontier Oil Company Pure Play Driller/Producer: Continental Resources Pure Play Tranporter/Pipeliner : Plains All American Pure Play fully integrated...
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What is the average gas bill in DC?

That depends on if you are talking about car gas or electrical gas. You can call the power company and get an estimate if that's wahat you are looking for. ...
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What are wheeling charges?

In case party A wants to use either transmission / distribution network of party B for transfer of its power from place X to Y, then party A is required to pay the charges as defined by the SERC to party B for use of TN /DN of party B for transfer of power from X to Y. Such transfer of power on the network of other party is called wheeling of power, and in general terms the wheeling charge is...