Which satellites route internet data

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: Which satellites route internet data
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Does the internet come from satellites?

No. The internet backbone (where most of the data travailing on the net comes through) is fiber optic.

How does the intrnet work?

satellites in space send the data to your broadband connection or what ever you use to access the Internet.

What are the most commonly used of internet connection?

home connection- comclarck is the most popular internet connections ..for laptops- satellites are most affordable ..Satellite Internet access- Is internet access provide through satellites. The service can be provided to users world-wide through low earth orbit (LEO) satellites. Geostationary satellites can be offer higher data speeds. but their signals can not reach polar regions of the world. different types of satellites system have a wide range of different features and technical limitations, which can greatly affect their usefulness and performance in specific applications.

Data is sent to earth from satellites using what type of numbers?

Data is sent to earth from satellites using TIROS. This is data given from the ground.

How do businesses become internet providers?

Businesses become internet providers by buying satellites, which can be bought in the market. The satellites cost about $350-$500, and these satellites are 56 kps.

What kind of satellites collect data about a strip of Earth's surface?

Mapping satellites.

What protocol is associated with satellites functional networks?

The protocol commonly associated with satellite functional networks is the Internet Protocol (IP). IP is a network protocol used to route data packets across different networks, including satellite networks. Satellites play a crucial role in extending network connectivity to remote areas or areas where terrestrial infrastructure is limited. These satellite networks often rely on IP-based protocols to enable communication between different devices and networks, facilitating data transmission and internet connectivity.

Are satellite images based on data obtained by land sat satellites?

Yes, satellite images based on data obtained by land sat satellites.

Can you get Internet access in Antarctica?

yes, there are satellites providing internet access to the researchers.

Do all internet companies use satellites?

No they do not. Satellite internet is a type of internet but it's not used commonly.

What exactly is satellite internet and how do i get it?

Satellite internet access works by bouncing internet signals off of satellites as a part of their route to wherever the information is held. Unfortunately due to the distance the signal has to travel it can be slower than a usual wired connection. You can get this type of connection through companies such as Hughesnet.

Spatial data technology is used by ICANN to store data from satellites and Earth stations?