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The best school in the whole Pakistan is ROOTS SCHOOL SYSTEM,with highly qualified education and friendly teachers.Extra curricular activities and much more.

The head of this school(roots school) is maam Rifat Mushtaq.Very beautiful and friendly.

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For boys, the best school is Aitchison College, in Lahore. This school has one of the world's largest school campuses spread over 180 acres and provides an excellent mix of sports, extra curricular and academic facilities. For example, the school stables over 100 horses to expose children to equestrian sports. It has dozens of sports programs raning from athletics, football, cricket, Basketball, hockey, squash, swimming, show jumping and more. The school provides education from class 1 (age 5) to A Levels.

For girls, the best school is Lahore Grammar School which has branches throughout the country and consistently produces excellent O'Level and A'Level results.

The best co-ed school is Karachi Grammar School, in Karachi, Pakistan. An elite institutions which routinely sends its students to the world's best universities, the experience at KGS is hampered only by a relatively weaker sports program as compared to the absolute top-end offered by rival Aitchison.

The best Universities in Pakistan are generally considered to be the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Lahore, IBA Karachi, and NUST (National University of Science and Technology) in Islamabad.

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Q: Which school is the best school in Pakistan?
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