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There are many schools that offer LPN classes throughout the United States.You may find these sites useful in your quest- http://www.medical-assistant-training-schools.org/licensed-practical-nurse.htm AND http://www.allnursingschools.com/faqs/progtypes.php

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Average class size for Duke University?

2-9 students: 22% of classes 10-19 students: 49% of classes 20-29 students: 13% of classes 30-39 students: 8% of classes 40-49 students: 3% of classes 50-59 students: 4% of classes Over 100 students: 2% of classes

Did cloths change in the middle ages when people changed their classes?

yes clothing did change deending on classes so that pretty answers your question ok uh huh

A school signal for students?

the bell signals students to change classes

Are computer classes good for students?

Computer classes may help the students be familiar with the technology that is constantly being developed and updated.

What is the unit rate of 88 students for 4 classes?

Four divided by 88. The answer is 22

What are the lowest amount of students in a class in Cornell university?

There are classes with fewer than six students at Cornell. There are other classes that are significantly larger.

18 classes with 35 students in each to reduce sice to 30 how many classes must be formed?

18 classes with 35 students each equals 630 children total. If you put them in classes of 30, you would need to form 21 classes.

Why do high school students cut classes?

High school students cut classes for many reasons, including because they can and they don't think they will get caught.

A school has 18 classes with 35 students in order to reduce class size to 30 how many classes must be formed?

18 * 35 = 630 total students 630 / 30 = 21 total classes An additional 3 classes.

What define music arts physical education health?

Music, art, physical education and health classes are elective classes for high school students. The students must take all of the classes but can usually take the specific type of classes that they wish.

Do students in Mexico choose their own classes?

Yes, from mid-school to college students can choose their own classes. Those, however, are part of a study plan.

Where do students find specific information about their college online?

they can find information on the college web page and find any information they might needed. students can also take online classes and get information on any question.

What is a sentence for inattentive?

There are inattentive students in some classes

Why do students skip classes in school?

Students bunk class because of the studies and the hardships of teacher.

How do you end a school assembly?

Tell the students the assembly is over and dismiss them (possibly by classes) to return to their classes.

What is the different between classes' and class's?

Class's = the possessive form of the singular noun class.Classes' = the possessive form of the plural noun classes.Examples:The class's pet frog was called Robert. (one class had a pet frog called Robert)All of the classes' students were at the assembly. (the students from all classes were at the assembly)

What is the collective noun for classes?

The standard use of the collective noun 'classes' is 'classes of students'. The noun 'class' (or the plural form 'classes') is a general collective noun for people or things, for example 'classes of travelers' or 'classes of work animals'.

What classes do high school students take?

High school students classes are: Math Biology Chemistry Science History Geometry Social Studies Algebra Literature77 K-Prep

Should schools offer advanced classes for every subject?

Yes, they should because there will always be students that are advanced and need upper level classes above other students in their class.

What age do you not have to pay for college classes?

There is no "age" that makes it so that you don't have to pay for college classes. However, students that are 24 years or older qualify as independent students and are typically eligible for more financial aid than dependent students.

If A school has 18 classes with 35 students in each class In order to reduce class size to 30 How many classes must be formed?

A school has 18 classes with 35 students in each class. In order to reduce class size to 30, how many new classes must be formed?

Are gre prep online classes better then gre prep classes taught at a school?

The best option to research this question would be to find a discussion forum of students who have participated in either on campus classes or online one, or possibly both. One source that offers both is Testmasters, who offers classroom, online, or private options for classes. Their website is www.testmasters.com.

Bharathiar university MBA previous year question papers?

Bharathiar university question papers can be found in the below linkhttp://www.b-u.ac.in/sde/question.htmlBharathiar university MBA video classes are now available at www.learnixmba.com. These classes reallyhelpthe MBA students. I think it is really worth watching these videos.

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