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Q: Which secretary of war resigned to lead a command as the Rough Riders during the spanish-American war?
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Assistant secretary of the navy in 1898?

It was Theodore Roosevelt, who resigned that post to join the war effort when the Spanish-American War began. He formed a cavalry group that became know as "The Rough Riders."

How long did Theodore Roosevelt serve has an army man?

The Rough Riders were actually a volunteer unit assembled by Teddy Roosevelt - prior to assembling this unit, he held the civilian post of Secretary of the Navy. His reign as Colonel of the Rough Riders was less than a year - he resigned as Secretary of the Navy at the end of April 1898 and was out of the military and elected back to public office in September of 1898.

What position did Theodore Roosevelt resign from when he took on the role as a Rough Rider in Cuba?

President Theodore Roosevelt resigned from his position as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, and formed the Rough Riders. After the Spanish American War he was elected as governor of New York.

Who was the second command of the rough riders?

Leonard Wood

Who command the rough riders?

Teddy Roosevelt

Who commanded the Rough Riders before he became president?

Theodore Roosevelt was second in command of the Rough Riders, he subsequently went on to become president of the US

Who were the commanders for the rough riders?

Teddy Roosevelt

What job did Teddy Roosevelt hold under president McKinley?

Theodore Roosevelt resigned his government post as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He organized and financed the "Rough Riders" (1st US Volunteer Cavalry) to fight in the 1898 Spanish American War.

Who lead the Rough Riders in the Cuban campaign of the Spanish-American War?

Theodore Roosevelt after Leonard Wood was advanced to Brigadier Gerneral and given command of the Cavalry Brigade that included the Rough Riders.

What was the nickname given to Roosevelt's cavalry regiment?

Roosevelts' Cavalry Regiment was nicknamed the "Rough Riders". Officially, it was the First US Volunteer Cavalry Regiment (Army).

Who commanded the force known as the rough riders of Cuba?

On June 30, 1898, Colonel Leonard Wood, the FIRST commander of the Rough Riders, was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General, and transferred to become the commander of the 2nd Cavalry Brigade.. Likewise, Lt. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt was promoted to Colonel and given command of the Rough Riders.

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