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Chemical reactions within cells take place in the presence of water.

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Q: Which sentence best describes how water helps living things generate energy?
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What is burned for the energy of living things?

Glucose is broken down to generate ATP.

How do king penguins get its energy?

Well, for living things, calories generate energy, so basically it is from eating fish.

How biomas is generate from wheat waste?

heat energy from living organisms decomposing the compound

Who performs respiration?

Every living organism are respiring.They respire in order to generate energy

Can tidal energy can classified as a biotic resource?

No. Biotic means living (or recently living). Tidal energy can be classified as a renewable resource, however, because we can use it to generate power, and it renews itself at the next tide to generate more power.

Definition of the Krebes Cycle?

Krebes Cycle refers to the sequence of reactions whereby the living cells generate energy through the aerobic respiration process.

If you were living in Mars how will you generate energy?

You can harvest energy from solar cell, the wind energy is plausible but likely not very effective since the air is very thin on Mars.

What kind of things have thermal energy?

Most things have thermal energy. Thermal energy is comes from heat and therefore anything that can generate heat has thermal energy. All living things have thermal energy.

Can you give me a sentence for the word generations?

I had to generate the crane by moving the claw to pick the car up.

Which word describes any living thing that makes food using energy from the sun?


What's the Krebs cycle?

Krebs cycle refers to the sequence of reactions that allow living cells to generate energy during aerobic respiration.

Why is it necessary for respiration to occur?

To generate energy for biological activities. Respiration is a fundamental property of living matter