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A rectangle or a square

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If the diagonals of a quadrilateral are perpendicular can the quadrilateral be a rectangle?

Sure, a square is a rectangle and the diagonals of a square are perpendicular.

What is an attribute of a square that is not an attribute of a rectangle?

The diagonals of a square are perpendicular whereas the diagonals of a rectangle are not perpendicular.

Are the diagonals of a rectangle sometimes always or never perpendicular?

The diagonals of a rectangle are never perpendicular but the diagonals of a square are perpendicular

What shape have the smallest number of corners of all of the shapes CircleTriangleRectangle Square Pentagon?

circle: no corner triangle: 3 corners rectangle and square:4 corners pentagon:5 corners

Which figure is flat figure?

Any 2D figure. eg: Square, Circle, Rectangle, Octagon, Pentagon, etc.

Does a rectangle diagonals perpendicular?

If the rectangle is square, yes. Otherwise, not.

Hexagon is to pentagon as rectangle is to?

as rectangle is to square I would say Rectangle is to Triangle. Because Hexagon-6sides, pentagon-5 sides, Rectangle-4 sides, triangle 3 sides. But that is just me :)

What are some polygons?

Square,Triangle,Rectangle,Rhombus and Pentagon.

What are 12 geometry shapes?

Circle. Ellipse. Rectangle. Square. Triangle. Parallelogram. Trapezoid. Losenge. Deltoid. Pentagon. Hexagon. Parabola. That's twelve.

What shapes have more than one line of symmerty?

Square, circle, rectangle, octagon, pentagon, triangle, hexagon, trapezoid, rhombus. These are just some

What are some regular shapes?

1. square 2. hexagon 3. pentagon 4. rectangle 5. triangle 6. circle 7. octagon

Are the diaganols of a rectangle perpendicular?

No, the diagonals of a rectangle are not perpendicular. The angles between them depend on the dimensions of the rectangle.However, the diagonals of a square are perpendicular (and squares are technically "regular" rectangles, meaning that all sides and angles are equal).

Do the diagonals of a rhombus must be perpendicular?

no they dont have to be perpendicular, just square,rectangle, and isoceles trapizoid

What shapes have just perpendicular sides?

Square, rectangle and ovals.

What shape has on one pair of perpendicular lines?

I think it is either a right triangle, square, pentagon, or rectangle.

What are the main geometric shapes?

There are many geometric shapes. But the square, octagon, rectangle, pentagon, triangle, circle, hexagon and heptagon would be considered the main shapes.

Which of these is not a circle octagon square pentagon?

All three of those figures is not a circle.

How many perpendicular lines are there in a trapezium?

A trapezium has no right angles therefore there are no perpendicular lines. If it had perpendicular lines, it would be a square or rectangle.

Find the area of the largest rectangle incribed in a circle?

The largest rectangle inscribed in a circle would be the inscribed square. You can calculate the area of the square by the fact that its diagonal is the diameter of the circle.

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