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which shoulder muscle allows you to adduct your arm

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Q: Which shoulder muscle allows you to adduct your arm?
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Which trunk muscles allows you to adduct your arms?

which trunk muscle allows you to adduct your arms? which shoulder muscle allowed you to adduct your arm? which trunk muscle allows you to elevae your shoulders?

Which muscle adducts the arm at the shoulder also flexes and extends the arm?

pectoralis major, teres major, lastissimus dorsi, and the carica all adduct the arm the biceps flex the arm the triceps extend the arm

Which muscle abducts the arm?

the muscle which abducts the arm is the deltoid or shoulder muscle.

What do the shoulder muscles do?

the shoulder muscle extends the arm

Which muscles flex the arm?

the anterior part of the deltoid muscle flexes and medially rotates the humerus/ the arm. to do this it is helped by muscles like coracobrachialis and pectoralis major, corachobrachialis also adduct and flex the arm at shoulder joint.

Is deltoid a arm?

No, it is the shoulder muscle.

What muscle pulls your arm down?


What muscle pulls arm down?


Which triangle shaped muscle covers the shoulder lifts or turns the arm?

The deltoid covers the shoulder. This triangular-shaped muscle lifts the arm or turns it.

What is the main purpose of the deltoid muscle?

The main purpose of the deltoid muscle is to control the movement of the shoulder. The deltoid muscle also allows you to rotate your arms. The deltoid muscle is located at the top of the arm in the back.

What muscle in the shoulder rotates the arm?

A muscle doesn't rotate the shoulder. The ligaments that connect your shoulder blade to your arm, to your rib cage all work in a ball and socket type of way allowing you to rotate your arm 360o.

Is the Triceps a muscle?

The triceps is the muscle at the back of your upper arm. It works to straighten your arm at the elbow.Yes, the tricep is located on the back of your arm in between your elbow and shoulder, closer to your shoulder though.

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