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In WWII, General Douglas MacArthur was the overall commander of the US forces in the Pacific.

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Q: Which side was General MacArthur on during World War 2?
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Significant people inthe Korean War on the US side?

General Douglas Macarthur

Who were the important people during World War 2?

For the Americans? Here are 3 for the american side President Truman Douglas MacArthur George Marshall Lenient Colonel Doolittle

Who was the Pacific commander during world war 2 who was removed in the Korean war?

A: General McArthur, on the Allies side.

Which side was General Thomas Gage on during the Boston Massacre?

he was on the britishs side

Which side was General Beauregard on during the Civil War?


Who is side was general lee on during the civil war?

confederate (south)

What were the generals that took part in world war 2?

There are many but a few from the U.S. Side were Dwight Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur, and George Patton

Robert E. Lee was a general for which side during the American Civil War?

He was on the South side.

Which side did France side with during World War 2?


Who was the highest ranking general on either side to be killed during the civil war?

Confederate General A.S. Johnston

Where does the groom stand during a wedding?

In general, on the right-hand side of the bride.

On which side did Switzerland fight during world war?

Switzerland was neutral during both World Wars.

What side did the US fight on during World War 1?

On the allied side.

What side was Great Britain on during World War 2?

The other side.

What side was France on during world war 1?

on the allied side

ON WHAT SIDE did Switzerland fight for during World War 2?

Switzerland did not fight on any side in during both world wars it chose to stay neutral.

What general was fired for disobeying the president?

General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), who accepted the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II, was removed from the command of UN and US forces in Korea on April 11, 1951. President Harry Truman had clashed with MacArthur over the proper response to the entry of China into the Korean War on the North Korean side. Truman sought a cease-fire to disengage US and Chinese forces, concerned that the Soviet Union might support the Chinese with nuclear weapons. When MacArthur sent a letter disagreeing with this policy, and issued an ultimatum to the Chinese instead, Truman relieved MacArthur of his command. An armistice was finally signed two years later.

American general who deserted to the side of the british during the revolutionary war?

Benedict Arnold

Who was the allied commander in Asia?

During World War II, several American military men held commander positions in the Asian (or Pacific) Theater of Operations. Admiral Chester Nimitz was overall commander in the Pacific Ocean region, while General Douglas MacArthur was overall commander in the Southwest Pacific region. Additional Allied commanders were assigned to such side-theaters as Burma and China.

Who was on the Japanese side during world war 2?

The Japenese were on the Japanese side in WW2

When was the soviet union and the US on the same side?

They were on our side during World War 2.

What side was Scottland on during World War 2?

Scotland was part of the Allied Powers during World War 2 .

Who was the American general who deserted to the side of british during American revolutionary war?

Benedict Arnold

Who is side was England on during World War 2?

the allies

What Side was Italy on During World War 2?

The Axis