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Q: Which simple machine depends on friction to function properly?
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Does a machine do less work when friction in a machine increases?

Yes. Since more work goes to counter the friction force, less work goes to do the actual function of the machine.

Does an ideal machine have friction?

Machine without any friction is an ideal machine so an ideal machine cannot have friction.

How does properly maintaining your bicycle increase its mechanical efficiency?

If it wasn't properly lubed before, then efficieny will be improved by lubricating. If it was properly lubed before, nothing much will happen.

What best describes the function of standardization of the ekg machine?

standardization is important because it helps to determine whether the machine is set and working properly or not.

In a machine what force does the effort force try to overcome?

It depends, there are two forces, the load's inertia and friction.

What is the effect of friction on a machine?

Friction makes a machine less efficient by wasting energy.

What describes the relationship between friction and IMA for a simple machine?

An ideal machine has no friction. -Nn

How does friction effect effiecency?

If there is more friction with a machine, efficiency is less.

What is a red ring of death in xbox 360?

The ring of death occurs when a malfunction in the machine happens and causes the machine to be unable to function properly. The amount I paid to have it fixed was $150.

Where can one find more information about the function of ballscrews?

The main function of a ballscrew is to lower friction by making it a rotational movement. Ballscrews are used in aircraft, machine tools and in car power steering systems.

What limits the efficiency of machine?


How do you reduce the friction in a machine?

Oil it