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Pterodactylus were a species of pterosaur. Pterosaurs were flying reptiles, but they were not dinosaurs.

Pterodactyls were not dinosaurs. They were flying reptiles.

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There is only one species of Pterodactylus, and it is Pterodactylus antiquus. However, there are at least 135 known genera of pterosaur, or flying reptile, known, and each genus has at least one species.

It's believed that they got around by flying.

they fly and Pterodactyl and other Pterodons were flying reptiles.

No. Pterodactyls (flying dinosaurs, now extinct) were reptiles.

Paleontologist classify Pterodactyls as flying reptiles and not dinosaurs

No. They had eyes, and blindness would not be a good characteristic for a flying animal.

No. Pterosaurs such as pterodactyl have been extinct for millions of years.

Pterodactyls or Pterosaurs were flying prehistoric lizards. Strictly, they were not dinosaurs.

There is only one species in the genus Pterodactylus, and it is Pterodactylus antiquus. However, there are at least 134 genera of pterosaurs, or flying reptiles, that have been discovered and are considered valid. Each genus has at least one species. Additionally, people have only discovered a very small fraction of the total number of pterosaur species that existed.

Pterodactyls were a particular type of small, flying reptile. Nobody knows the specific reason pterodactyls died out. However, flying reptiles, or pterosaurs, continued to exist until 65.5 million years ago. At that point, an asteroid crashed into Earth, throwing dust into the air that blocked sunlight long enough to collapse the food chain and wipe out not only dinosaurs, but pterosaurs as well.

Pterodactyls (or more properly pterosaurs) are often thought of as flying dinosaurs. However, they technically were in a branch of reptiles separate from dinosaurs.The true flying dinosaurs were, and still are, birds.

Pterodactyls were real, but they technically were not dinosaurs. They were from a separate group of reptiles called pterosaurs.

No. Pterodactyl was a pterosaur, and pterosaurs were technically not dinosaurs, though they are often incorrectly referred to as such.

Pterodactyls were flying reptiles, slowly flourishing during the Mesozoic and disappearing with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Pteradacylus was too small to defend itself. However, it could escape by flying away from a threat.

Pterodactylus primarily traveled by flying. It would have occasionally walked on all fours or even climbed in trees.

When most people think of a "flying dinosaur," they are thinking of a pterodactyl. Although they might look like flying dinosaurs, pterodactyls (and other members of the pterosaur family) are actually not dinosaurs at all! -Technically, pterosaurs are considered flying reptiles, and they are often confused with dinosaurs because they lived at the same time. One more prehistoric animal that is sometimes considered a "flying dinosaur" is the Archaeopteryx.

No, Flying fish are not an endangered species at this time

The first flying reptiles, most accurately referred to as pterosaurs and not pterodactyls, appeared about 220 million years ago. The specific genus of pterosaur known as Pterodactylus existed from 150.8 to 148.5 million years ago.

There are almost 70 different species that are commonly called "Flying fish".

There are at least 60 species of flying foxes extant.

they would be in the flying insects species.

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