Which stars will go supernova

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Which stars will go supernova
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Can a planet go supernova?

No, only large stars go supernova when nuclear fusion breaks down. While white dwarfs can go supernova in some instances, brown dwarfs are failed stars which are not powered by nuclear fusion.

How can you use supernova in a sentence?

Heavy stars go supernova at the end of their lives.

Which stars go out with a bang?

Really big stars, which die in supernova explosions.

How do supergiants stars die?

they go boom, and make a supernova

What is a sentence containing the word supernova?

Heavy stars usaly go

How do stars refuel them selfs?

They don't. Stars perfrom nuclear fusion until they run out of resources, at which point they go supernova.

What is important about the color of the stars?

the color of the stars usually determines how old and how hot the star is it can also determine when the star will go supernova

Are there any stars that died in the Mesozoic period?

Of course. It is estimated that millions, if not billions, of stars go supernova and "die", every year.

What happen to the stars that get old?

They supernova.

What is a stars explosion called?


What is the name of explosion stars?


What type of stars end their life as a supernova?

Massive Stars.