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With parental consent, all of them. Without parental consent, none of them.

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Q: Which state lets you marry by the age of seventeen?
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Is there any state where it is legal to get married at age seventeen?

In the US, as far as I'm aware, you can marry in every state at 17 IF you have parental permission.

Is it legal to marry a twenty-two year old male if I'm pregnant with his unborn baby at the age of seventeen in the state of Michigan?

yes of course you dumb

What is the legal age to get married in Washington State?

The legal age to marry w/o parental consent is eighteen. If under eighteen parental or legal guardian consent is necessary. If under the age of seventeen the permission of the court is required.

What age did Henry the 8th marry Catherine of aragon?

He was seventeen, two weeks shy of his eighteenth birthday.

Emancipation in Wisconsin at the age of seventeen?

There is no emancipation status in this state.

Can a seventeen year old girl marry a twenty-three year old guy?

Generally, if you under the legal age in your state, you can get married with a parents consent. You become what I believe is called an emancipated minor.

Will you get in trouble if you move out at the age of seventeen in the state of Alabama?

No, unless you misbehave!

Can you date someone under the age of seventeen if you are seventeen?

There are no laws about dating. The laws you need to be concerned with are those regarding sexual contact, but the age of consent is usually 16, check your state.

What is the legal age for a child to be left alone overnight in the state of GA?


Can you legally move out of your parents house without their consent at the age of seventeen in the state of Georgia?


In the state of Texas is a seventeen year old an adult?

No, the age of majority in Texas is 18.

Can you get married at the age seventeen?

Yes you can, but with parental consent, and also depends on state or country you are from.

In what state can you move out at 17?

Well...i know you can move out at age seventeen in the state of Georgia and the police cant do anything about it! :c)....

Whats the legal age to marry in the US?

It differs from state to state.

Can you move out at the age of seventeen in Washington state?

Well, no. You are legal at age 18. That's when you can move out. That rule applies to everyone in the U.S.A.

Can some one get married in Texas at the age of seventeen without parental consent in the state of Texas?


What are the age requirements for obtaining a motorcycle license in the state of Louisiana?

You have to be at least seventeen years old.

Can a seventeen year old have a baby with a 25 year old in the state of Wisconsin?

No, the age of consent is 18.

What state can you marry girl who is 14 years old?

No state. The youngest age of consent is 16 and even then you need parent's permission to marry. Some states are 18 and a couple are 21 with the age of consent.

What is the legal age to marry in the US?

it differs at what state you mean.

Is it illegal for you at age twenty to marry your girlfriend who is sixteen if her parents are ok with it in Virginia?

I believe it depends on the state, but in many states with full signed parental consent, you may marry under the age of 18. (It would depend on the state, how young you can marry, and if someone over 18 can marry someone under 18.)

What state has the lowest age for marriage?

You can marry at any age as long as you have consent from your parent or guardian.

How old do you have to be to get married to an illegal alien?

The age at which someone can marry an illegal alien is based on the law of the state. Anyone can legally marry if they of legal age. Most states put the age at about 18.

Can a seventeen year old date someone over the age of eighteen in NY?

The state of New York does not have laws about dating. And they are both over the age of consent.

Can you legally move out at the age of seventeen in the state of Georgia?

Yes, you can. Georgia is a strange state. You cannot be kicked out until the age of majority (18), but a child can leave at age 17, and the police will not force the child back home or treat him/her as a runaway.