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Which are true statements regarding infant HIV

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Q: Which statement is TRUE regarding infants born to HIV infected mothers?
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Congenital infection occurs in how many infants born to infected mothers?

Congenital (present at birth) infection occurs in one out of every 800-1,400 infants born to infected mothers.

How are newborns with infected mothers treated?

Infants born to infected mothers may be treated with medications even if they show few or no signs of infection.

Can infants get HIV?

Some babies are born with HIV as their mothers were positive. Infants could get HIV by receiving a transfusion of infected blood.

What treatment do newborns born to hepatitis B infected mothers receive?

Infants born to hepatitis B-infected mothers have a greater-than-95% chance of being protected against the virus if they receive the first dose of vaccine and immune globulin within 12 hours of birth.

Why is chronic viral hepatitis B considered such a serious condition?

Chronic viral hepatitis B can lead to serious complications like liver cirrhosis, liver failure, and liver cancer over time. It is a leading cause of liver-related morbidity and mortality worldwide. Additionally, chronic hepatitis B is a lifelong infection that requires long-term monitoring and management to prevent complications.

Was the infants and mothers killed together in the holocaust?

The mothers and the infants were killed together in the holocaust. The mothers carried their children to be executed. The older children were not always executed with their family.

What population groups tend to get inclusion conjunctivitis?

This disease affects four of 1,000 (0.4%) live births. Approximately half of the infants born to untreated infected mothers will develop the disease.

Infants born to drug addicted mothers?

Infants born to drug addicted mothers tend to be drug addicted themselves. Mothers should not become pregnant when they are actively using drugs.

What is the childbirth mortality rate for mothers and infants?


Where can pubic lice appear in newborns whose mothers are infected?

Pubic lice are also sometimes seen on the eyelashes of children born to infected mothers.

What is the most common screening for HIV?

The most common screening for HIV tests for antibodies in the blood; however most infants born to infected mothers test positive for 6-18 months because of the presence of maternal antibodies.

How many infants whose mothers have fifth disease are born with signs of the disease?

About one-third of infants whose mothers contract fifth disease during pregnancy show signs of infection at birth.