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According to sportsbiz.biz the most popular Steelers jersey in 2010 was also the 6th most popular in the NFL and that's Troy Polamalu's #43. If you don't know Polamalu from his explosive play on the field then you might recognize his locks from the Head and Shoulders commercials.

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What proffessional athlete has sold the most jerseys?

Ladainion Tomlinson has sold the most jerseys out of any professional football player but i am not sure about all of sports.

Who soccer player's jersey is sold the most?

David Beckham and Ronaldo. Are most sold jerseys.

What year were basketball jerseys sold to the public?

jerseys were first sold to the public in 1988

What was the Most NBA jerseys sold in 2007?

Kobe Bryant lakers jersey #24

Most sold MLB merchandise?

Jerseys are the most selling MLB merchandise. The Giants jersey tops the list while the Yankees and Cardinals hold the second and the third number. As far as individual jerseys go, Posey tops the list, followed by Derek Jeter and Miguel Cabrera.

What NFL player has sold the most NFL jerseys?

Aaron Rodgers has the most the most in the NFL right now and second is Tim Tebow.

How many jerseys has Kobe Bryant sold?

he sold about 3000 bc i bought them all

Which shops sell basketball jerseys?

A lot of stores don't really sell basketball jerseys because usually you buy more than one and have them printed. Most clothing printing shops sell jerseys and can get them pretty cheap... But they are also sold in certain magazines and all over the web.

Why does fsn Pittsburgh blackout steeler games on directv?

Games are "blacked out" locally because the game has not sold out all of the tickets available. If the game is sold-out, it is usually broadcast.

How many all black jerseys are sold every year?

There are at least 1.2 million black jerseys sold every year and online. This was made by Jakayla Johnson in Greenville Mississippi at Coleman Middle School. smart not dumb lovable silly

How many NFL jerseys were sold in 2008?

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Lauren Myracle most popular book is?

The number one most sold was ttyl. :-)

What do NFL players do with their jerseys after the game?

The jerseys are washed, and repaired as needed, and then reused for games. At the end of the season, they are sold to collectors, and card companies. Sometimes the NFL auctions them off to raise money for charity.

Who holds the largest collection of autographed sports jerseys?

There is no record of the owner of the most autographed sports jerseys, primarily since these items are mass-autographed by many players and sold by dealers and retailers on a daily basis. It is entirely possible that a retailer such as Sports Memorabilia technically owns the most of these items, as they keep quantities in stock for sale at all times.

Which football team has sold the most merchandise?

The San Francisco 49ers is the NFL team that has sold the most merchandise. The Baltimore Ravens are number 2.

What are the top five nfl jerseys sold ever?

The top five NFL jerseys ever sold are Peyton Manning (Denver Broncos), Robert Griffin III (Washington Redskins), Tim Tebow (New York Jets), Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts), and Eli Manning (New York Giants).

What sizes do football jerseys come in?

It depends on the style of jersey..some have a specific size while others are just sold as S, M, L, XL and XXL. You can buy kids jerseys too (and women's). See link.

List of groups that have sold the most albums sold?

Beatles have the most albums sold, and the Eagles have the most sold of one album!

How do you calculate the number of units sold?

How to calculate the number of units sold?

What car is sold most in used car sales?

The used car that is sold the most is the Honda Accord. This is not necessarily a real statistic, it is just a reference to the number one search on Cars.

Is Chris Brown rihanna concert sold out?

yes most of there concerts were sold out yes most of there concerts were sold out yes most of there concerts were sold out

What were most popular toys in 21st century?

If you are looking for Most Sold by Number, that's easy. HOTWHEELS. Billions & billions.

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