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The first step of the scientific method requires scientists to observe in order to obtain information. The next step is to formulate a hypothesis.

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Which step in the scientific method requires you to use your senses to obtain information?

A step in the scientific method that requires you to use your senses to obtain information is the making an observation step.

What step in the scientific method do you use your senses to obtain information?

Making an observation

Is the scientific method used to obtain knowledge?

No, it is used to get a better understanding of the way that a science experiment is conducted.

What is the research method that is often used to obtain information concerning individuals' behaviors attitudes and or opinions?

Survey Method

What scientific technique is applied to obtain ethyl alcohol from the mixture of ethyl alcohol and water?

The common method is distillation.

The purpose of the case study method is to obtain information from as many similar case situations as possible?


Importance of scientific method?

By using the scientific method, the scientist sets up the parameters of an experiment and outlines the procedure step-by-step so that any other researcher any where in the world can replicate his experiment and obtain the same results every time. When other researchers have done this experiment and obtained the same results, the conclusion can safely be included as a scientific fact and be added to the body of scientific knowledge. Without the scientific method, a lot of snake oil could be excepted as factual science.

How do you find the average if you only have 3 of the 4 numbers you need?

You cannot. The average of a set of numbers requires their sum and that requires each of them - unless there is some other way to obtain tat information.

What are two methods scientist use to obtain emperical evidence?

The scientific method and peer review are two methods that a scientist uses to obtain empirical evidence. Experimental design and reproduction of results are two other methods.

How did descartes explain scientific inquiry?

Scientific inquiry is aimed at being as objective as possible in order to reduce bias. Rene Descartes was famous for establishing the guiding principles of scientific method in his book "Discourse on Method". The main goal of scientific inquiry is to obtain knowledge through a systematic approach of testing, observing, and measuring hypotheses, so that one can predict the results of future experiments.

How are science and scientific methods different?

a scientific method is a way scientists answer questions and solve problems and science is the gathering of information. While the above is true in that science certainly must gather information, it's what is done with that information that defines the scientific method. In any scientific endeavor the methodology of the experiment or study must be clearly defined. i.e; I must describe in detail how I intend to work with the information I have gathered, how and what information was gathered, the tools I intend to use, how I will use those tools to manipulate the information, the result I expect of the experiment, and the actual result of the experiment. Note that "information" may be anything from photons of light or the wheel from a truck. The tools I use may be a laser or a tire iron. The procedure I use to manipulate the information with the chosen tools must be very clearly explained in detail. If given the above, and if there are no significant errors in my procedure, you are able to duplicate my results using the same information, tools, and procedures, then we can be reasonably sure, until the same methodology proves different, that we engaged in an experiment using the scientific method. The scientific method allows us to confirm or refute experiments done by ourselves or others. It is indeed the process we use to learn of the world around us in a definitive manner. It may also be said that we may perform different experiments and obtain the same result, utilizing the scientific method. Nothing wrong with that. But if you cannot repeat my results using my method to the letter, there may indeed be an error in the methodology used by one of us. We, or someone else must then attempt to repeat the experiment to determine if either of us was correct.

What is the definition of a brute force attack?

A brute force attack is defined as a trial-and-error method used to obtain information such as passwords or Personal Identification Number. Software is used to generate a large number of consecutive guesses in order to obtain this information.

Where can you obtain information on chest pain?

Chest pain is a serious condition that requires medical attention. Current information on chest pain should be obtained from your medical provider since they have current information on causes and concerns.

What is Antimatter used for?

Currently antimatter is only used for scientific research as it is very expensive to obtain. In the future antimatter could be used for anything that requires energy such as producing electricity.

Why would you want to do an interview for a job analysis method?

You might want to interview someone who is doing a job, to obtain information that you could analyse.

How can one find information about Stockdale High School?

A possible method to obtain information regarding Stockdale High School by searching through directories, maps or by visiting the establishment itself.

How does method by which cnidarians obtain food differ from method by which poriferans obtain food?

Poriferans needs organic substances and cnidarians needs of a gastrovascular cavity with openings.

What are the requirements to obtain a business license?

"The requirements to obtain a business license and/or permit varies from state to state as well as the type of business you wish to open. Generally, it requires you to provide personal information and proof of your ability to own such a business."

How will you use the information that you obtain from it?

WHAT information, that you obtained from WHAT?

What are the differences between guidance and education?

Education is the act of wholly conveying all the information an individual would need to perform a task. Guidance is light instruction that requires the individual to obtain much of the information on their own.

How can you obtain oxygen in the air?

fractional distillation method

What is the EPA Method for Lead in Air?

US EPA Test method 12 or a lab can also obtain results from Method 29.

What information can scientists obtain from meteors?

Information has ovation.

What is scientific method of inquiry?

The Scientific Method and InquiryThe basic definition of the Scientific Method includes these steps:observation and description of a phenomenonformulation of a hypothesis to explain the phenomenause of the hypothesis to predict existence of other phenomenaperformance of experimental tests of the prediction and inferring a conclusionsome include a fifth step of presenting, debating and/or application of findingsQuestioningThe inquiry process gives heavy emphasis to development of questions at each step. What questions come from observation?What questions are relevant to the hypothesis?What questions formulate the prediction?What questions are answered from the test of the prediction and what questions, new and old, remain unanswered in part or in full?The process of Information Inquiry involves application of the ancient Socratic Method of teaching through self-posed and mentor-posed questions in order to gain meaning in today's overwhelming Information Age. Further application of the Scientific Method gives a systematic structure to this process. It places students and teachers in the role of Information Scientists. This analogy will be explored as one that may open new paths for students and teachers to investigate not only phenomenon identified from typical subjects of study, but to also test and predict the value, relevance and meaning of information itself. As "information scientists" should the learner be expected to journal, debate, compare, and present his or her observations on the value of the information encountered and the need for information that may not be available or possible to obtain?

Separation method Cup of coffee to obtain water?


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