Which stone can't drown in water?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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if you mean cant sink in water then the answer is pumice a light bubbly rock formed when an underwater volcano erupt. sometimes seen as a mass of land but only a floating island of pebbles.

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Q: Which stone can't drown in water?
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Which stone did not sink in the water?

Pumice stone does not sink in water

Why doesn't a stone float?

The stone is heavier than the same volume of water. In short the density of the stone is more than the water. So the stone does not float on the water.

Why the glass of water overflowed if stone dropped?

If the glass is even partially filled a stone thrown at sufficient speed will splash water below the kinetic energy of the stone will be dissipated by transferring it to the water. However if the stone is gently dropped into the glass of water (and it was full or nearly full) then the stone which is not soluble in water will displace an amount of water equal to its volume which will overflow.

What is a stone's mass in water?

The mass of a stone in water is the mass of the stone outside water. The mass of an object is always its mass. (This assumes we are not discussing the theory of relativity.) On Earth, or the Moon or in water or not, mass is mass. What might be relevant, however, is the weight of a stone in water compared to the weight of a stone outside the water. Weight and mass are different. If you hold a stone in water and hold the same stone in air, you can feel a difference in the force you must apply to support the stone. In water, the stone feels a buoyant force equal the the weight of the water displaced. That is Archimedes principle. There is a difference in the apparent weight of a stone in water and a stone out of water equal to the eight of the water displaced.

Why cant you cause a floating leaf to move to the edge of a pond by throwing stones behind it?

So long as the stone is not of a large size to cause a bow wave to push the leaf towards the shore, the stone when entering the water causes a depression in the water, a sort of hole if you like. Something has to replace the water and it is the water itself that heals itself so to speak. This draws the water back to fill up the space caused by the stone, also bringing the leaf back to its orriginal position, or near enough.

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Which stone is not drown in the water?


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Which stone can't drown?

A pumice stone is a volcano output that is so full of air bubbles and so light that it floats on water.

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