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Sweat helps maintain your body temperature, Whenever your sweat evaporates, it cools you down.

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Q: Which structures help maintain your body temperature?
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What structure in the dermis help maintain the temperature?

Firstly, your sweat pores help maintain temperature by opening or closing. When your body temperature is too high, the sweat pores open and more sweat is released outside of your body, thus resulting in more evaporation of sweat and a faster cooling of your body. When your body temperature is too low, your sweat pores close and sweat production decreases to minimize heat loss. Secondly, your skin arterioles and shunt vessels help maintain your body temperature by dilation or constriction. When your body temperature is too high, your shunt vessels constrict and your skin arterioles dilate, thus causing less blood to flow into the shunt vessels and more blood to flow into the blood vessels nearer your skin and losing heat more efficiently. When your body temperature is too low, your shunt vessels dilate and your skin arterioles constrict thus causing more blood to flow into the shunt vessels and less blood to flow into the blood vessels nearer your skin and thus minimizing heat loss. Hope that helps!

What is designed to cushion the developing embryo and to help it maintain a constant temperature?

amniotic fluid

How does the Excretory system help body maintain homeostasis?

By eliminating waste.

How many of the 11 organ systems help the body maintain homeostasis?

All of them work together to maintain homeostasis.

Organ systems work together to maintain what?

the organ system of the body that operates together to help maintain homeostasis

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What structures help maintain body temperatue?

The Hypothallimous.

Which skin structures help the body maintain the relatively constant body temperature?

maybe it is the part of the cdirculatory system

Does blood help maintain the body's temperature?

Yes !

How does ear size help foxes maintain constant body temperature?

There are blood vessels in the ears that help maintain body temperature and the bigger the ear the more surface area it has to work with in order to regulate the temperature.

What help the body maintain homeostasis?

Temperature regulation in the body is maintained but the brain stem. They hypothalamus of the brain controls hydration in the body. Both help maintain homeostasis.

How does perspiring help the body maintain homeostasis?

it helps it by keeping body temperature constant

Why do elephants have wrinkled skin?

Wrinkled skin of the elephants help them to maintain the body temperature.

Does Smooth muscles activity generates heat to help maintain body temperature?


How does the body maintain temperature during exercise?

Your body sweats to help cool yourself otherwise you would of overheating

Does skin help maintain body temperature?

No it doesnt. Such a stupid question in the first place. You're an idiot if u think it does. no your the idiot..... yes it does maintain body temperature and i have my science book right in front of me to prove it

In which of the ways does the perspiring help the body to maintain homeostasis?

Sweating is a mechanism by which the body helps maintain body temperature homeostasis.

What help the birds to maintain a constant body temperature?

They fluff up their feathers trapping air which is heated by body temperature. Sort of like a wetsuit it traps water and it warms up by the body temperature. Hope this helps