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maybe it is the part of the cdirculatory system

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Q: Which skin structures help the body maintain the relatively constant body temperature?
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The ability of water to maintain a relatively constant temperature is because?

Heat capacity

Does Radiation trapped in the earth's atmosphere serves to maintain a relatively constant and livable temperature?


Why do large bodies of water maintain a relatively constant temperature?

the heat cant go through the whole thing

What is the ability of water to maintain a relatively constant temperature and then prevent rapid changes in body temperature due to?

capacity to absorb/distribute heat :)

How is body temperature kept constant?

How do are body's maintain a constant temperature?

The ability of water to maintain a relatively constant temperature and thus prevent sudden changes is because of its high what?

heat capacity

Does a Dog maintain a constant body temperature?

A dog does maintain a constant body temperature because it is a warm blooded or endothermic animal.

How does your brain help your body maintain a constant temperature?

Your brain helps your body to maintain a constant temperature by detecting temperature receptors that are found in the skin. Temperature is controlled by the hypothalamus.

Are river otters endothermic or ectotherm?

Like all mammals, such as humans, river otters are endothermic. They maintain a relatively constant body temperature. It doesn't vary with the environmental temperature.

What is a word for maintain a constant temperature?


What is the medical term meaning ability of an organism to maintain a relatively constant internal temperature?

homeostasis The ability or tendency of an organism or cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes.

What does a thermostat maintain?

A thermostat is supposed to maintain a constant temperature or temperature range in an area or for a device.

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