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No shampoo and conditioner is good. Well I don't wish to criticise. Using this may help you to fix hair problems but after some time span the problem comes back and it is worst than before. So plz try to use natural remedies for hair loss or any other hair problem.

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โˆ™ 2012-07-13 08:30:46
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Q: Which sunsilk shampoo and conditioner is good for hair loss?
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Which is the best shampoo for dandruff hair?

Nyle is good for oily hair but sunsilk is better for dandruff hair because sunsilk contains yogurt protein and silk its shampoo plus conditioner

What is sun-silk used for?

Sunsilk is a shampoo and conditioner,mainly used for cleaning and making our hair strong

Is WEN Hair Shampoo Conditioner good for your hair?

It is good for the company that makes the conditioner. Clean you hair every day will be good for you and good for your hair.

What is a shampoo that makes your hair smell really good?

a good shampoo to use is herbal essences shampoo and conditioner.

Which shampoo and conditioner that is very good for brown hair?


What is the best shampoo for girls?

It depends on your hair But i would have to say sunsilk

What shampoo and conditioner are the best for hair growth?

stallion shampoo and conditioner

Is an egg shampoo good for your hair?

it is a good conditioner, not so much for washing.

Sunsilk shampoo featuring priyanka chopra?

Yes, Sunsilk has featured Priyanka Chopra. She is endorsing Sunsilk brand in India. Her hair is very smooth to be featured.

What can i use to make my hair long?

I guess use the sunsilk shampoo my hair was long but how my hair get long faster

What shampoo and conditioner is good for very greasy hair?

If your hair is very greasy, look for formulas made for oily hair. Make sure you concentrate the shampoo on your scalp, and the conditioner on the ends of your hair. Too much conditioner at the roots can make hair look greasier.

What shampoo and conditioner is good for fuzzy hair?

Foxy Curls by BED HEAD.

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