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Medieval swords were much longer and used for slashing. The Roman infantry swords were shorter, and although Roman cavalry used a longer sword, they were still shorter than Medieval swords. The Roman sword was intended primarily for stabbing. It may be impossible to say which was better. In Medieval times armies were smaller than in Roman times because no one could afford to maintain the huge standing armies which once made the Roman sword so effective in battle. I think that each was the right sword for its time.

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The Roman sword is considered better than the Chinese sword because it is double edged and delivers superb slashing action.

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Q: Which sword is better 'roman sword or medieval sword?
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Where can someone purchase a Roman sword online?

One can purchase a Roman sword from the 'Medieval Collectibles' website. One can find a Roman sword buyers guide via the 'Sword Buyers Guide' website.

What sword is better Chinese sword or Roman sword?

Every sword is better with its distinct qualities and has different purposes. The Roman Sword is meant for close fight in combat and used with shield. The Chinese sword is for one to two hand sword use, it has a much longer blade for a longer reach. The quality of both swords depends on who make it. Which one is good in a combat is depends on the fighting style of the warrior using the weapon.

Who made a medieval sword?


Who was the medieval sword holder?


What is a medieval sword frog?

A frog is the attachment to hold the sword scabbard to the belt.

Did a medieval lord ever have a sword?

of course.

How long was a medieval long sword?

5 ft

What are 2 types of medieval armor?

A shield and sword

What is a Roman stabbing sword called?

Gladius. Although usually described as a short thrusting sword, it also worked well as a slashing sword. It should be noted that the full name for a gladius is Gladius Hispaniensisor hispanic sword.The Gladius was adopted by Rome during the third century BC. Made of Bronze or Iron, it is about 2 feet long and weighs 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. It was standard issue to every Roman Legion.

What are the medieval Roman Kings?

There were no medieval Roman kings because Rome fell in 410 AD which started the medieval period of history.

Were roman numerals used in Medieval Times?

Yes, roman numerals were used in medieval times.

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Medieval is an adjective which describes the period of time known as the middle ages. So by saying something is medieval you are saying that it comes from the middle ages.Examples:That sword is medieval.In medieval times, knights dominated the battlefield.If you want to use medieval as a noun then you have to you the term "middle ages".Examples:That sword is from the middle ages.In the middle ages, knights dominated the battlefield.It doesn't make sense, and also sounds wrong, if you try to use medieval as a noun or middle ages as an adjective.Examples:That sword is from medieval.That sword is middle ages.