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Spicey is not a taste its picked up by pain.

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A taste bud can respond to any taste- some of them pick up one taste mor than another. Sour and salty flavors are detected most on the sides of the tongue.

Taste buds are nerves in the tongue that pick up flavors then send them as a signal for your brain to pick up and then you get taste

taste buds are made up of taste cells that sense the chemicals in food and send taste signals to the nerves that carry them to the brain.

There are tiny receptor in you tongue called taste buds that pick up the flavor of what you pass on it. Different places of the tongue pick up different types of flavors.

Taste buds pick up on sweet, sour, salty, bitter and savory tastes.

Spice has synthetic cannabinoids in it. The GC/MS community knows how to detect it, but the dipstick guys, so far as I know, can't test for it yet.

Spice up your life/Spice girls

One can find neat ideas to spice up their holiday baking from the Country Living website. One can also find neat ideas to spice up their holiday baking from websites like Food Network, All Recipes, All Taste and many more.

the spice girls split up in 2001

The Spice Girls split up in 1998

Only for about 8 hours after that it will pick up a used taste.

Chevy pickups come in a variety of colors to choose from. It is up to your persona taste in which color you would pick. I personally prefer a black pick up truck.

You can spice up your relationship by being a little spontanious with your partner.

No. There are no illegal remants of spice. And when there was they take it out. Spice shows up on no test. You can always ask what they test for spice isnt one cause spice isnt illegal.

Paprika has two great attributes for making meals more exciting; firstly there is the vivid red colour, which can infuse the whole meal with colour; secondly there is the spice taste which as Paprika is from dried peppers is great for spicing up meat.

If you see a rollypolly and pick it upDo not eat itIt tastes gross and could make you sick

The spice girls ( without ginger) broke up in 2001.

well smell and taste all have to do with the sensory organ pick up data transmitting it as a electrochemical signal and your brain decoding it. If you cant smell you can not taste the food you are eating.

Yes you can. A spice grinder and a coffee grinder are basically the same machine. There is one big problem though. Spices have a very strong flavor and smell and after you grind them in your coffee grinder, it will be very difficult to get rid of the spice smell and flavor and it will end up in your coffee and make it taste different.

You don't pick immature fruits because it wouldn't be logical.The immature fruits do not taste good and they are still growing so after picking them up you will have to throw them away.

The Spice Girls weren't that popular anymore so they broke up in 2001.

It just depends on the test, there are tests that can show spice but usually only a few days after you've smoked just because the chemical used dissipates from the system, but then again there are a lot of different kinds of spice. On a regular screening they don't usually pick up spice. I smoked yesterday before a drug test and was fine.

"Spice up" means to make something more interesting or entertaining - it's the figurative equivalent of adding spice to a bland meal.

Because most pickles are sour and since your socks are touching the ground and the cotton molecules pick up dirt even when not worn they taste sour as well.