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Q: Which teleporters do you have to go through to get to Sabrina?
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How do you get through the maize to get to Sabrina in Pokemon Blue version?

I always just go through the teleporters clockwise. even when it sends you to another area, continue to go clockwise. if you make a mistake, go clockwise. eventually it will even out and you can face Sabrina. battling all the trainers makes it a bit easier

Wihch portal do you go through to get to Sabrina?

You have to go through a magic mirror to get Sabrina.

How do you get to Sabrina's gym in LeafGreen?

You must go through silph co in saffron city to go and beat sabrina.

How do you link all the teleporters to the main fraim in der rise?

go to teleporter press x and run to the mainframe and press x do the same on all teleporters

How do you get to the President of Silph Co in Pokemon Fire Red?

Go to the tenth floor and go through the teleporters until you get to the other side of the top floor. P.s. You need the CARD KEY!

Are teleporters real?


How do you get to Cyrus in the team galactics HQ?

You go through all the Teleporters itell you find the green one then it takes you to Cyrus sorry if this doesnt help so much...

What nicknames does Sabrina Krievins go by?

Sabrina Krievins goes by Bri.

What nicknames does Sabrina Machado go by?

Sabrina Machado goes by Bina.

What nicknames does Sabrina Alberghetti go by?

Sabrina Alberghetti goes by Sibsy.

What nicknames does Sabrina Farji go by?

Sabrina Farji goes by SAB.

What nicknames does Sabrina Gagnon go by?

Sabrina Gagnon goes by Saby.

What nicknames does Sabrina Farrell go by?

Sabrina Farrell goes by Brie.

What nicknames does Sabrina Culver go by?

Sabrina Culver goes by Sabbychic.

What nicknames does Sabrina Campilii go by?

Sabrina Campilii goes by Sab.

What nicknames does Sabrina Nobile go by?

Sabrina Nobile goes by Zab.

What nicknames does Sabrina Leigh go by?

Sabrina Leigh goes by Beenie.

What nicknames does Sabrina Gennarino go by?

Sabrina Gennarino goes by Breezy.

How do you get to Sabrina?

Go to the right when you get into her gym and continue to pass the invisible walls. The Sabrina that is the farthest along will be the real Sabrina

What nicknames does Sabrina Man go by?

Sabrina Man goes by Sab, and Sabie.

What nicknames does Sabrina Saudin go by?

Sabrina Saudin goes by Saby, and Sabzter.

What nicknames does Sabrina Sandberg go by?

Sabrina Sandberg goes by Sabeens, and Beanie.

How d you get a new map on halo on mulltie player?

You cant, only players can go threw teleporters.

How do you find Gary in saffron city?

go into silph co. and keep going on the teleporters until you see Gary

Do Sabrina and Stuart go out?

Sabrina and Puck get married in thefuture and they do kiss , but who is Stuart ? So i can not answer that question.