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tidal hypothesis

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Q: Which theory makes the use of jigsaw fit in its support 1 Tidal Hypothesis 2 Tetradydral Hypothesis 3 Cycle of erosion 4 Continental Drift Therory?
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Which hypothesis states that continents slowly moved to their present-day positions on Earth Is it subduction or erosion or continental drift or seafloor spreading?


What role does continental drift play in erosion?

Because continental drift makes erosion happen due to deposition and affeft the plant life and animal life. =)

Why do the continental shelves match up but not the shorelines?


Scientific theory that attempts to explain continental drift?


How arches mountains are formed?

By the movement of Plate tectonics, Continental drift, and also erosion.

What is the major source of the dissolved minerals that affect the salinity of ocean water?

Continental Erosion

Who don't continental coastlines fit perfectly together now?

because of erosion over time.

Most common way that material is added to a continental shelf?

Erosion and sediments from large rivers.

What is the erosional part of continental margin?

Erosion happens constantly everywhere, from mountains to seashores. Although I would imagine that the greatest amount of erosion would occur in water, so perhaps anywhere from a near shore enviroment down to the continental slope/abyssal plain.

What is the difference beween a hypothsis and a theory?

A hypothesis is any idea used to explain and test a scientific idea, while a theory is a hypothesis that has become scientifically accepted. For example, say I hypothesize that rocks in a stream are worn smooth by erosion. This is a hypothesis of sorts. I test this hypothesis by putting rocks in a room and in a stream, and conclude that the stream rocks have been worn smooth. If I complete multiple tests and the scientific community believes in my conclusion, I would call it the Theory of Water Erosion, or something similar.

Erosion on a mountain range that was pushed up as a result of two continental plates colliding will lead to the formation of?

sedimentary rock

Was gondwana and laurasia formed by continental drifts or erosion or deposition or earthquakes?

Gondwanaland was moved by the continental drifts assisted by the convection currents. But they were formed just like any other piece of land, but moved by the currents.