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Q: Which three nations took over the Philippines?
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Why did the U.S. go to war against Spain in 1898?

America reacted to Spanish ruling in Cuba, and took control over Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines

Describe one example of the league of nations' failure to stop territorial aggression?

One of the biggest failures to stop territorial aggression for the League of Nations was when Mussolini invaded Abyssinia. As a result Italy took over Abyssinia.

How did World War 2 change maps?

The maps had to be changed because the USSR took over Eastern European nations. Some of the South East Asian nations were released from the imperialist rule and they were able to become their own nations with new names. Later the countries in Africa were freed too and they got new names.

Who conquered the Philippines?

The Spanish conquered the Philippines, then the Americans fought the Spanish and took the Philippinges. Then the Americans fought the Filipinos in the Philipping Insurection. Then the Japanese conquered the Philippines during World War 2, and the Ameircans reconquered them.

Who are the conquerors of the Philippines?

According to the book Social Studies In Perspective History of the Philippines by Viharin,A.G., First came the Spaniards who arrived in the Philippines on March 17 1521 the expedition led by Magellan who died in the battle of Mactan.The Spaniards retreated only to come back on the 24th of July 1526 and several other expeditions later they were able to conquer Luzon and Visayas but not Mindanao. Later came the Americans who fought with the Filipinos against the Spaniards only to conquer the Philippines after the Spaniards left.The Americans paid 20 million dollars so that Spain would turn over the Philippines to America. Due to world war 2,and because the Philippines was under the America's rule,Japan decided to attack the Philippines.The Japanese took over the Philippines on 1942 to 1945.After which, America decided to give the Philippines it's freedom.

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Who took over Philippines then lost the war with US?


What happened in the Philippines after America took over?

After America bought the Philippines in 1899 for $20 million dollars, Filipino rebels tried to re-obtain their freedom for the U.S. with guerrilla tactics. It took the U.S. three years and about 200,000 troops to finally subdue the Filipino rebels. That is the simplest answer.

When did spain give the US full control over the Philippines?

When Chicken tenders took over the world!

How and where you get the name Philippines?

The country the Philippines was named after King Phillips II of Spain when Spaniards took over the eastern islands in Asia.

England took over land colonized by which two nations?

France and the Netherlands

How and were did we get the name Philippine?

From Philip II, who was King of Spain when the Spanish colonized the islands in the 16th century. The spanish took over the Philippines, but in 1988-1990, I was there and the U.S. had the Philippines in their hands!

How baking industry started in the Philippines?

The Spaniards introduced baking in the Philippines when they took over the country. The baking industry then started at people's home before it was later done in a commercial scale.

How did league of nations contribute to the rise of Hitler?

The League of Nations did nothing to stop Hitler's rise to power. First, Hitler stopped paying his mandatory WW1 reparation war debt payments and the League of Nations did nothing to stop him. Then he built up an army from 100,000 to 8,000,000, which he also wasn't allowed to do. Then he took over Rhineland from France and they didn't do anything. Then he took over all of Austria and parts of Czechoslovakia... and they didn't do anything. They finally did something when Germany took over all of Poland.

Why were the Filipino rebels disappointed when the Unite State took control of the Philippines?

Filipino rebels were disappointed when the United States took control of the Philippines because they expected to gain independence from Spanish rule after collaborating with the US during the Spanish-American War. However, the US did not grant them immediate independence and instead established colonial rule over the Philippines, sparking the Philippine-American War.

What made the US a leader of all the nations in the latter part of the nineteenth century?

took over land

What were three empires of Persia?

It took over the Babylonian, Assyrian and Lydian Empires.

What did the Spaniards do to the Philippines?

Spain took over their nation, exploited and abused them. Later, the rights to doing that were purchased by the United States, in a move bitterly denounced by Mark Twain.