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Q: Which three species of ape did researchers compare to humans?
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What are three invasive species that cause a threat to the environment?

Humans, Zebra Snails and Communists

What are three ways humans can contribute to an animal species becoming endangered?

by pooping on their faces

Where does the apostrophe go in the word researchers?

The word researchers is a common plural noun. It requires no apostrophe.The researchers studied medical problems.If the word researchers has a possession or belonging, it needs an apostrophe.The researchers' study identified three mutant genes.I read the researchers' work with great interest.

Why do vampire bats rarley attack humans?

Vampire bats rarely attack humans, because they prefer to get their meal from small sleeping mammals. There are three different species of vampire bats.

What did researchers find in all three types of Gulf War Syndrome patients?

In each of the three types, researchers found different but measurable impairments on objective testing of neurological function.

What is the relationship between humans and extinctions?

human activities appear to have eliminated two or three species per decade, about double the naturalextinction rate.

What are the three species of monotremes?

The three species of monotremes are:platypusshort-beaked echidnalong-beaked echidna, of which there are three sub-species

What is the relationship of head lice and a human?

Head lice are one of three species of lice that parasitize humans. The others are body lice and pubic lice. All three feed on blood.

How to compare and contrast the three Nile Valley civiliztions?

Compare and contrast the three Nile Valley civilizations?

Compare three different brands of electronic medical records?

Compare three brands of electronic medical records

Species of zebra?

There are three species of zebra. The three species are: the plains zebra, the grevy's zebra, and the mountain zebra.

Is compare has three syllables?

No, two.