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Q: Which title best completes this job description?
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What are the general activities and duties of this job?

The best way to locate the general activities and duties of a job is to look at the job description. The job description is included in the ad.

What is the best description of job experience?

It provides hands-on understanding of what it's like to do a job.

What is the job description of a fashion stylist?

The job description of a fashion stylist is travel to where the client is and to fully dress him or her to the best of what the currents trends in fashion are.

In the military what does MOS stand for?

Military Occupational Specialty, the equivalent of a job title or description in civilian life.

What type of job opportunity best suits your previous job experience?

The type of job opportunity that best suits ones previous job experience is one that completes the same sorts of tastes as the past job. Making connections between the two is important.

Can a nurse practitioner function as a nurse if her job title and description is that of a nurse practitioner?

Yes the NP can; as the NP has a RN.

What job titel?

A job title is the name given for a professional role. This defines a role that an employee holds and gives an overall description like finance manager.

What is description of this job?

what is the job description of a lawyer

What is the job description of visa officer?

what is the job description of assistant visa

What job title best describes Happy Loman?

A store employee.

What is captain job description?

What is job description of banquet captain

What is the difference between position and designation?

Designation is Identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others or u can say designation is something by which u can identify some1 in an organization. And Position is a job in an organization or hierarchy. So in short we can say Designation is used for classifying or distiguinshed a person from others in an organisation and position reflects a person's responsibility or hierarchy in the ladder of organization.